Response Essay

When writing a critical response essay, you need to analyze a particular work. You should describe the events that take pace in the story as well as the technique applied to presenting material. It should be noted that such a paper is aimed at giving a brief summary of the examined composition. However, do not forget that you also need to express your opinion about the issue.

What to Begin With?

Before you start producing the critical essay, you need to read the work that you are going to analyze. In order to write an exclusive paper, you should take the following steps:

  1. Determine the key points of the analyzed publication. Identify the main idea and underline major arguments.
  2. Analyze the structure of the work.
  3. Examine the facts presented by the author.
  4. Find out what the explored book (article, play) is aimed at.

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Making Analysis

The following handy tips will help you analyze the work properly:

  • Explore whether the examined story achieves its goal.
  • Explain whether the publication is worth considering.
  • Analyze the provided arguments. Do they support the key idea? Are they powerful enough to prove author’s point of view?
  • Define if the chosen piece of writing is comprehensive. If not, explain which sections you do not understand.
  • Does the author provide enough material on the described matter? The examined article may provide a lot of minor details. You should also indicate it while performing an analysis.
  • Identify whether the structure of the work influence the text layout. Does it play a crucial role in understanding the content?
  • Analyze the author’s writing style.


Structuring Response Essays

Note that the length of your paper depends on the professor’s instructions. Besides, whether you have to analyze the whole story or just its part also depends on the provided guidelines. However, you should know that a common response essay consists of the following parts:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • Main Body includes the following structural elements:
  1. Summary
  2. Connectives
  3. Analysis. Pay attention to the presented arguments. Examine whether the author provides enough vivid examples and accurate data to develop the key point of the explored article.
  4. Transitions
  5. Your opinion based on gained knowledge.
  • Concluding paragraph.


There are three ways of organizing the body. First, write all summary paragraphs followed by detailed analysis. Second, combine the paragraphs. Thus, each summary paragraph will be followed by an analysis one. Third, each paragraph may present summary and analysis of the discussed idea.

Useful Response Essay Sample

Download PDF Sample.