Difference between Persuasive Research Paper and Typical Essay

Persuasive Research Paper

In case you need to complete a persuasive research paper, you have to use sound reasons and evidence in order to persuade others that your point of view on a certain subject is the correct one. Choose a good and interesting topic. You need to be interested in your topic. It will help you to attract attention of potential readers. Moreover, detailed and though research work should be conducted. Finding already existing facts about the selected topic will only strengthen your point of view. Prior to beginning the writing process, ask the following questions:

  1. What data I need to find and use in order to persuade others in the correctness of my point of view?
  2. What type of evidence, facts and statistical data the targeted audience would like to see?
  3. Will I find any scientists who researched my topic? Can I cite them in my paper?

If you have answers to the above questions, you will be able to identify main key words and use them in your work. It will make your research work easier.

Difference Between Persuasive Research Papers and Typical Essays

One should note that persuasive research paper does not describe information collected while typical essay or research paper does. When writing a persuasive paper, you need to use the collected data and make a strong argument to prove your point of view.

Typical Paper on Electric Cars

Persuasive Research Paper on Electric Cars

Electric cars use the electric energy that is stored in special batteries. The firs electric car was manufactured in the 1880s. Despite the fact that electric cars help to save environment, some scientists argue that they are not reliable because of rechargeable batteries.
Electric cars have already been used in a number of countries. Electric cars are considered to be quieter. They help to reduce greenhouse effect and do not emit harmful gases in the atmosphere. Despite all the advantages of electric cars use, many people hesitate that their positive effects will last long. It is still complicated to find electric cars chargers in the streets.

How to Write a Thesis Statement?

There should be one sentence thesis statement in every persuasive research paper. Here you have to describe your topic and provide a clear argument. For instance, in case I had to write a persuasive paper about death penalty, I would write one of the following thesis statements:

  • Death penalty grants people with rights that only God can have; consequently it is necessary to abolish death penalty in all countries.
  • Due to the death penalty, murderers give their life for killing other people; that is why it is vital to apply such punishment to reduce crimes with fatal consequences.

Pay attention that both types of thesis statement not only describe us the topic but also inform us about the author's point of view regarding the selected topic. In addition, they provide a short description of the reasons why author took such position. It is recommended to include the above-mentioned three elements in every thesis statement.