Fair Use Policy of Our Writing Service

Fair Use Policy

Answer Model: Ethic Side

Avoiding the temptations of plagiarism

It may seems as a good idea to submit the paper you receive from us as your own work, but it isn’t really. Actually this service was designed to work the other way. A work you receive from us is an answer model which is designed to help you build your own research and draft your own paper.

Here at GoGetEssays.com we deeply care about every our client. So we are doing our best to help you succeed in your academic career at any level.

Fair Use Policy

Let us be clear of our Fair Use Policy. We have nothing to hide from our clients, so please read through this page to make sure you agree with our Policy.

How can one use an answer model in their studying?

Here is how a paper you receive from us can be used:

  • Understanding of the question and how your answer should be built.
  • Development of your own idea and set of arguments.
  • Source base (look through the references and find even more).
  • Base for your personal research (analysis andsynthesis)

Make sure final piece is based on your personal ideas/believes and is totally unique. Although this seems as more efforts than just handing in our paper, but this way you will learn the material and be prepared for any examinations.

Common Questions:

Will I get caught if I submit your paper?

We provide you with unique assignment, written for you and according to all your instructions. We also make sure it doesn’t get on web or into any base of pre-written papers. This means any plagiarism scanner can tell this isn’t your work.

However that doesn’t mean you instructor/professor won’t be able to tell this isn’t your paper by the style or the fact you cannot answer the simplest question. This means you have to read through the paper carefully or conduct your own research.

If you decide to pass the paper received from us without changing it, this may be considered as plagiarism, as this is ‘using one person’s words as your own’. Do your own research (based on materials provided), learn how to make a great paper and get a good grade.

Why would anyone buy an answer model?

It usually takes a great amount of time to research a specific topic, as not all sources may be available of be the perfect fir for your paper. Moreover, the problem of style is a very common one as the primary source and the final paper are usually extremely different in terms of style.

Moreover, studies show that most of us best learn from examples, which means having a custom answer model is a great way to learn. This is a great way to know how to approach a specific question and make sure your ideas are correct.

If you have any questions considering this policy, contact our Support Team (you can use contact form, live chat or toll-number provided)