Capital Punishment

Throughout centuries, capital punishment has been a disputable means of punishing the criminals. Even nowadays, the scholars search for the evidence that would prove the effectiveness of such a penalty against the felonies. details

Human Development

Human development is comprised of several stages and spears of influence. This paper focuses on two articles to critically examine the concept of human development. details

Ratio Analysis 

Ratio analysis is an important discipline as well as a complex one in the accounting field of study. It entails the examination and interpretation of financial statement and their results respectively with the aid of ratios. This provides a means by which the expected financial trends of a business enterprise can be predicted. details

What did United Nations do Regarding the Climate Change?

The beginning of 19th century came along with the realization that excess carbon dioxide emissions such as the greenhouse effect that increases the planet’s temperature. The carbon dioxide emissions were a side effect of the industrial revolution that was happening all around the world. details

Work of Cinematographer Wally Pfister

Cinematographer (or Director of Photography) is a person, responsible for the technical and visual aspect of a film. He is the one to cooperate with the film director and to make the motion picture look as the director imagines it. details

Acid Rain in China

Since the onset of industrialization stress on the environment has become more pronounced and hazardous. Each country has found itself under attacks of aggressive agents such as heavy metals in waste polluting water and soil, fossil fuel emissions in smoke from factories polluting air. details

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