Food Safety

Food safety has become a primary concern in the contemporary society. It refers to the state in which food is free from any hazard which would possibly classify it as unfit for human consumption. The global society has all along been struggling to ensure... details

Information Technology Resource Contingency Planning

Living in a world that is accompanied by unpredictable natural and human-made catastrophic events, organization management requires understanding, developing, and testing of a contingency plan. This paper will examine steps of development a successful... details

Research in Nursing

Research is an inseparable component of the nursing discipline. Dozens of professional nurses express their willingness to participate in research activities. Unfortunately, few of them actually decide to conduct a research project, either due to the lack..... details

Reviewing Roles Women Play

Women have a special role in science and its application because of their closeness to the family and children. They also play an integral role in pursuing policies pertinent to sustainable development as well as improvement of the quality of life... details

Animals in Biomedical Researches

This paper provides generalized overview of the use of animals for biomedical researches. Both advantages and disadvantages of experiments on animals will be considered in this work. Numerous articles from different newspapers and magazines were used in order to make the investigation accurate. details

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

It is already obvious that the world becomes aware of the hazards and problems connected with deplorable nutrition habitudes. details

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