MIS Project

ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) presents a great interest being actualized in the frameworks of this individual project. The company is aimed on delivering profits from cooperating in the Dubai centered oil sector The area of specialization covers.... details

Wallace Stevens: Evening without Angels

Reality and imagination are two equal components of man’s existence. In the same way that these two aspects exist, so does the inseparable nature of thoughts and feelings prevails. Enjoying poetry comes with an attribution to exactness and a presentation... details

Wuxia Pian: Eternal Themes at the Light of Chinese Traditions

The Wuxia Pian is one of the most important genres in Chinese movie history. Since China has a long history compared to other countries, there are various traditions in Chinese movie production, such as music that is played on the traditional instrument... details

America's Struggle For Liberty Between 1867-1927

In 1865, slavery was abolished throughout the whole United States of America. After a four-year war between the North and the South for granting freedom to black people, African American were no longer obliged to work for a master and were declared free people. However, it brought to light a new set... details

The National identity of the Ancient Greeks

As it is known, in the contemporary world, the humanity implements the motives of Greek religion, holidays, contents, fashion, political and social rulings, and other notions. Observing the Ancient Greeks' way of life, one should acknowledge... details

Contemporary Issue

Healthcare industry is based on the demand of people to get proper treatment and health care services. At the same time, demand on the health care market differs from the other markets. It is determined by the fact that consumers of the health care market... details

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