The Role of DNA in the Process of Heredity

The most reliable evidence of evolution is not located in the earth fossils, but in all people and other organisms. When investigating human bodies and the bodies of other representatives of the fauna, the researchers deal with the facts that cannot be explained without the implementation of evolutionary theory. details

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), filmed on the eponymous book, is one of the most exciting excursions into the lives of teenagers who explore the world and gain experience from their significant victories but also mistakes. details

Ghetto Vs. Suburbs

With the abolishment of slavery it seemed that nothing could prevent African Americans from the integration into the white society of people of Anglo-Saxon descent but the white supremacy was firmly established and from now on it just changed tools of its domination. details

Demographic Problems in Canada

The biggest demographic challenge Canada faces is the increase in the ageing population. In the next 2 decades, Cana is set to experience a tremendous increase in the ratio of the population above 65 years to that of the working population. details

Counterterrorism Techniques as They Pertain to Cyber-Terrorism

Cyber-terrorism refers to terrorism acts carried out by use of computers and normally lead to destruction, violence, or death. These acts are normally fulfilled to pressurize the government to act in a certain manner, reverse, or reject their policies. details

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