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Ronald Barthes in the section “Myth Today” of his book tries to reveal the curtain on the myth, its meanings, sources, and medium. From the early childhood, as usual, people have considered myths as a literary phenomenon and perhaps mysterious stories. In his turn, Ronald Barthes let them look more extensively on this notion.

First, in the part “Myth is a type of speech” by Barthes (1984), the author compares the myth with the speech. He considers it to be a form of communication. Ronald Barthes convinces that myths are not only literary works. Any movie, picture or even sport can “serve as a support to mythical speech” (1984). The author considered cave paintings to be a myth, since it had served as a means of communication in a certain period of history. Personally I agree with the author because his point of view stays within the habitual frameworks. To be precise, talking about the myth as a type of speech, it is possible to confirm the generally known clarification. 

Second, in the part “Myth as a semiological system”, Ronald Barthes (1984) talks about the science of “semiology”. It has recently existed only in theory. The author believes that any symbol can be considered and studied apart from its meaning. Ronald Barthes thinks that mythology can be studied as part of this science, but not as a literary heritage. To my mind, this is a very interesting approach to mythology. I think that learning myths and sharing their artistic significance may bring new knowledge. 

To conclude, it should be noted that Ronald Barthes gives a fresh perspective on old notions. He studied and developed a new approach to myths. Every person, who tends to upscale his knowledge, should read Ronald Barthes’s book From Mythologies. 


  1. Barthes, R. (1984). Mythologies (A. Lavers, Trans.). New York: Hill and Wang.
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