Counseling Theories

Psychology aims at understanding the mental functioning of the brain, behavior of humans and the relationship between the brain function and human conduct. details

Health Policy in the United States

For more than two decades in the United States, state legislators have been involved in debating and enacting mandates on health coverage. These mandates are based on specific treatments, providers, categories of dependants and benefits that are health related. details

Interdisciplinary Relationships

A biomedical model of the disease, which was introduced by Louis Pasteur, had dominated Western medicine for more than a century. According to it, the disease occurs due to some biological defect. details

Intergenerational Communication

Intergenerational communication entails interaction that happens between individuals that are from diverse age groups. A family unit is the best example of how intergenerational communication occurs: communication between grandparent and grandchildren, parent and children, and aunt and niece. details

The Face of War 

A Spanish artist, Salvador Dali, is one of the most famous representatives of surrealism. He is the greatest master of the XX century. His paintings are an epitome of delusion and are known even to those who are not interested in the visual arts. details

The Role of Culture and Languages Play on Identity

The book A Map of Home highlights the story of Nidali, a girl who comes from a multicultural family made up of Palestinian father and Egyptian mother while she is born in America where she never comes back until the age of 18 years. details

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