Situation Analysis

Recently, the race for finding alternative sources of fuel has been on the list of developmental schemes of many countries around the world. The major reason of this problem is growing concerns about the ever increasing carbon footprint of developed... details

Critical Analysis of the Movie 'Guess Who'

The issue of interracial relations was already covered in Kramer’s film of 1967 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner where romantic relationships of a white woman and a black man were placed at the center of the plot. The couple arrives to the girl’s parents... details

Effects of the Patriot Act on Homeland Security

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, security gained widespread attention. Both policymakers and citizens were convinced that taking any measures to enhance homeland security was necessary. As a result, the Patriot Act and other laws... details

Freedom and Liberty in the American Mind

The concept of “freedom” has been well-known for a long time, even before the new era. In Europe, it acquired its philosophical status in the teachings of Socrates and works by Plato and Aristotle, Democritus and Epicurus. Stoics, as well as other ancient... details

World Theatre Day Celebration

There are more and more fields of human activity, which demand planning events for their development as organization or community. There are many types of events, such as business events, seminars, press tours, competitions, concerts, corporate... details

Listening as an Aspect of Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is usually defined as any communication between two people. This two-ways exchange of information requires skills in expressing and assimilation messages. Communication is referred to as the most complex activity people perform... details

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