Louis Sullivan

The contemporary cities, such as New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Hong Kong and many others have the modern look due to the number of skyscrapers, which create a modern look of the city, make it unique and significant. The cities mentioned... details

Personal Happiness and Marital Status

The paper focuses on the relationship between personal happiness and marital status of individuals. The focal variable chosen to analyze is LIFE. It is a variable which measures general satisfaction with life, which is one of the aspects which shape... details


These days, the problem of criminalization of society worries the entire world community. Penetration of crime into all spheres of social interaction led to the recognition of criminal threats as one of the most serious threats to the civilized existence of mankind... details

Psychology of Music

The article 'An experimental study of the effects of improvisation on the development of children’s creative thinking in music' by Koutsoupidou and Hargreaves (2009) presents the results of a quasi-experiment. It reports the results of the investigation... details

Substance Abuse Prevention Program

The daily objective reality cannot be entirely controlled, and such unpleasant factors as the lack of parental supervision, poor social skills, availability of drugs at school, and the other socially provoked factors will continue influencing each person... details

World Food

Our planet has some of the best mind-blowing dishes and flavours. There are all sorts of recipes from its corners. Look below at food for inspiration and nutritious substances that human beings enjoy. Whichever way you choose, the food experience remains great... details

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