Women's Equality Day
26 August, 2016

Women's Equality Day

It took women a huge effort to stand up for their rights in social and political spheres of life. Although the struggle for equality continues in many countries until today, there is a number of achievements for women to celebrate. One of them is associated with a crucial date in the history of the United States, August 26th, when women were officially granted the right to vote in political elections. Nowadays, many people prefer to commemorate this event by celebrating the Women’s Equality Day.

Why is this date in American history so important today?

It might be hard to believe, but the official recognition of women’s right by the US constitution was the result of a 72-year long struggle organized by a civil rights movement. Until then, the majority of people, even some distinguished world thinkers like Rousseau and Kant, argued that the females were inferior to men in their status. They were convinced that women were nothing more than pretty and couldn’t be employed, let alone other constitutional rights. 
Nowadays, such convictions seem to be unacceptable. Over the last century, the world has witnessed many prominent female leaders prove that women and men possess equal capabilities and potential. Thanks to the efforts of Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt, women from different countries now enjoy civil rights and freedoms. Some famous women, such as Marie Curie, Jane Goodall and Rosalind Franklin have gained recognition for their contribution to science and social development.

Today, the equality of sexes means much more than just the right to vote on the equal basis: the struggle is not over. Organizations like Equality Now and Womankind Worldwide continue organizing campaigns to support women on the global scale. Unfortunately, women in many countries are still denied a chance to obtain proper education and fair employment. Faced with suppression, harassment, and violence, women are going a long way to eliminate discrimination and stereotypes. 
So, Women’s Equality Day is a good chance for women to remind the society what they are going through. This is also a perfect chance for the world to stop thinking of men and women as different sorts of people and start treating everyone equally.

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