Why We Should Celebrate World Vegetarian Day
10 November, 2016

Why We Should Celebrate World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day unites people who abstain from meat and follow vegetarian traditions. Even if you are not willing to become one of them right now, you ought to know what benefits it might bring to your health. So why is meatless cuisine healthy?

Weight loss

Oxford University study suggests that non-vegetarians are prone to having the highest body mass index (BMI) for their age, whereas vegans tend to have the lowest BMI. Also, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined over 10,000 vegetarians as well as meat eaters and discovered that non-vegetarians have higher BMI values. Additionally, plant-based nutrition has a high proportion of antioxidants and fiber, which facilitate weight loss.

Improved health

Comparing heart disease rates, a study proved that the meatless diet reduces the risk of heart disease by a third. Furthermore, researchers from Loma Linda University studied over 70, 000 adults in their 50s and discovered over a six year period that vegetarians have 12% lower death rate from all causes compared to non-vegetarians. Another study provided by the American Association for Cancer Research showed that the meatless diet substantially reduces cancer risk. Other benefits of vegetarian diets include:

  • lower cholesterol concentration,
  • improvements in blood pressure and blood sugar level,
  • decrease in pain due to plant foods that provide anti-inflammatory effect

Improved mood

Vegetarian diet positively influences your psychological health. For example, in the research published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, approximately 300 adults kept daily food diaries and indicated their mood swings for three weeks. As a result, the researchers discovered that frequent consumption of plant-based food led to the increased energy level, calmness, and improved mood.

Better appearance

Vegetarian products contain many antioxidants; that is why they improve skin and alter its pigment, making it look healthy and beautiful. A higher intake of fresh, raw vegetables helps you avoid advanced glycation endproducts or AGEs, which are unpleasant substances that appear when food is subjected to high temperatures during processing. Moreover, they can speed aging processes, appearance of wrinkles, and belly fat.

Improved sex life

Vegetarian diet can help you lose some weight, which boosts sex hormones and enhances your love life. Additionally, vegetables are considered to be libido-boosting food that improves your general appeal. A Czech study examined body scent pads collected from vegetarian and non-vegetarian men, and discovered that the samples of non-meat eating men were regarded as more appealing and pleasant.

You may not be interested in becoming a vegetarian, but you are surely interested in improving your health. So, while it may be hard to avoid meat, you will definitely benefit from it. Vegetarianism is one of the keys to excellent well-being.

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