What You Should Do on Groundhog Day
2 February, 2017

What You Should Do on Groundhog Day

Canada and the USA celebrate Groundhog Day on February 2. On this day, citizens observe a groundhog coming out of its burrow. If it sees its shadow and goes back to the burrow, we’ll get six extra weeks of winter. In case it doesn’t notice its shadow and crawls out, spring will come very soon.

Here are some to-do tips for this unusual holiday:

  1. Learn the origins. Do it with your family. Even if you already know the origins, you can do some more research and find something interesting you’ve never heard before. Did you know, for example, that not only Germans but also Celts and Romans used to have a similar holiday? Hold a competition: have each family member do their own research, find an exciting fact related to Groundhog Day, and share it with others. Then choose the winner and award him/her with a prize!
  2. Go to a town where Groundhog Day is celebrated. In some towns, people take Groundhog Day very seriously. For example, people in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, celebrate this holiday during the entire weekend, so you may go there for several days. In some other towns in Pennsylvania, you can also visit numerous events that involve games, songs, and speeches. See the official website of Groundhog Day to find more information about the upcoming events.
  3. See Phil emerging from its burrow in Punxsutawney. How else will you know how long the winter is going to stay? Remember to come in time (it usually starts at 7:25 AM, at daybreak) to find a good spot. If you’re not in Punxsutawney, watch it live on TV.
  4. Watch Groundhog Day movie. It’s classic! Whether you’ve seen it before or not, you definitely have to watch it on Groundhog Day. In this case, you’ll have a perfect excuse to postpone everything else, call your friends and family, curl up with some popcorn, and have fun. When you’re done watching this movie, see documentaries about groundhogs to learn something interesting about these animals.
  5. Arrange a Groundhog Day party. If neither you nor your friends are morning birds, tape Phil’s emergence and hold a party in the evening to watch it all together. It’ll be fun to guess if it will see its shadow and make some wagers in advance. Be sure to award the winner with a nice thematic prize (a groundhog made of chocolate, for example). Here are some more tips on holding a party on this day:
  • Use pictures of groundhogs to decorate the room. It will be cool if you draw them yourself.
  • Have your guests come in the costumes of groundhogs.
  • Play some classic games, modifying them so that they relate to the day.

There are multiple ways to have fun on Groundhog Day!

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