What to Do on Labor Day 2017
4 September, 2017

What to Do on Labor Day 2017

Labor Day in the USA is observed annually on the first Monday of September. Actually, it was created in order to protect rights of American workers that did a lot for improvement of the economy. This year, the Labor Day weekend falls on the 2th-4th of September.

In 1882 began the first celebrations of Labor Day in New York City. As a matter of fact, local labor unions decided to establish this holiday. Since the unions were eager to display numerous achievements of their industries, they wanted to do this publicly, so that many people can see and respect them. Five years later, Oregon acclaimed Labor Day as a state-level holiday. As a result, other 29 states resorted to the following suit. Finally, the holiday became a federal one in 1894.

Originally, people celebrated Labor Day by taking part in various street parades. Thus, they displayed tremendous toil of laborers that concerned different industries. Following these parades, took place local festivals and interesting amusements. Apart from that, you could hear many speeches on topics related to labor this day. This is still sometimes done nowadays.

There is one more reason why Labor Day was created and this is providing a public holiday between the long period without any holidays that last from the Fourth of July to Thanksgiving. So, this strategy regarding filling a gap, in combination with its ideal position at the end of summer time, has made Labor Day one of the most appreciated and needed breaks for lots of American workers.

Activities, events

  • Watching on TV or attending in person numerous sports events is one of the best ideas to take into consideration during Labor Day. What is more, on Labor Day Weekend first college football games are played by the NCAA. To add, much time on this day is dedicated to racing.
  • Why don’t you go shopping on Labor Day when there are many sales, different discounts. It would be great to visit lots of shopping malls all across the country. Certain businesses consider this holiday to be their biggest sales that are very close to Black Friday.
  • Every year, a lot of Americans prefer going on vacation since they have a three-day weekend. Among the best destinations are Las Vegas, that is famous for big parties and not far from Grand Canyon; Miami, because of the unbeatable beach as well as the Bill Baggs Cape state park that is situated nearby; Chicago, with its amazing fireworks event, taking place off of Navy Pier.
  • In New York City you can take advantage of an opportunity to admire the biggest party on Labor Day. Nearly two millions of visitors come to Brooklyn every year. During seven hours people take part in a costume parade. Also, you will see some visitors that are dressed up in such a way that resembles certain politicians or movie stars.
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