Ways to Detach Yourself from Social Media
30 March, 2017

Ways to Detach Yourself from Social Media

Today, social media is everywhere. On one hand, it’s a good tool for connecting with others. However, surprisingly, we see that it makes us feel alienated instead of connected. Social networks can affect the way we think and express our emotions. They distort our view of reality and obscure our perspectives. Their impact may lead to the emergence of insecurities and false fears. Moreover, social media shortens our attention span drastically.

Quitting social media isn’t a solution, since many parts of our lives are connected with it today. Therefore, what we should do is to make sure that we don’t develop addiction to social media.

First of all, to determine whether you’re addicted to social media, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you frequently check Facebook, Instagram, or any other network?
  • Are you too concerned over the amount of “likes” you get and are you nervous if you get only a few?
  • Do you associate your number of friends or followers with your likeability?
  • Do you feel as if you’re left aside from popular events?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, you need a solution. Consider the following steps to detach yourself from social media:

  1. Find a real-life hobby. Real-life means the one outside the internet. It can be anything, including arts, music, sports, or simply hanging out with your friends or going sightseeing in your own city.
  2. Avoid taking pictures all the time. Frequently, when you’re trying to “catch the fun moment”, you miss out on the fun in real life. Just enjoy the moment. You don’t have to prove that it happened.
  3. Delete some apps from your phone. Delete the apps that make you procrastinate or lose too much time on them. Stop feeding your addiction!
  4. Don’t fear aloneness. Remember, it doesn’t mean loneliness. Staying in silence for some time is good. It helps you reflect, meditate, and recharge yourself.
  5. Meet face-to-face. Stop choosing 2D. Opt for 3D communication.

Consider these tips to set healthy boundaries in the use of social media and free more time for more important things.

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