Ways for Students to Make Money Fast
5 July, 2018

Ways for Students to Make Money Fast

This information will come in handy for those who have some free time and seek possible ways to make more money. The tips presented below are all from the real experiences. We will add even more useful information soon. So now, please, just go ahead and save the page. You are also welcome to share with us your own ideas and comments!


Tips to make More Money Fast for Students

  1. Try risk free matched betting

One of the fastest ways to earn a lot and remain a law-abiding citizen is matched betting. Many students have tried and made over £100 by such a technique. You can be assured that it has no risk, no tax, is legal, and available for everyone.

The principle is pretty simple. It can work when you take the advantage of free bets on a regular basis. Betting sites offer bets and you can win by "matching" bets at a bet exchange. The matched betting technique excludes any risk as you bet for as well as against an outcome.

This gives you a chance to get a free bet even of £200! Multiplying this money by the number of all the betting sites, you have an opportunity to earn easily at least a few hundred pounds.

  1. Online surveys

Another well-spread way for students to earn is to fill out available surveys online during their free time. Many research companies are constantly hiring new employees to reply to numerous surveys and to do testing of new products.

It takes only a few minutes to fill a form and at the same time to make about £3 or $5, which can be paid in cash or as rewards. We've chosen a few good surveys for you to try: Global Test Market, PanelBase, Harris Poll, Mind Mover, Valued Opinions, MySurvey, Toluna, Hiving, New Vista, iPoll, The Opinion Panel, PopulusLive, SurveyBods, Opinion Outpost, YouGov, and Prolific Academic.

After signing up for Swagbucks, you can get rewarded for the surveys even when you simply surf the web, watch videos, or play games.

  1. Get paid for web searching

Are you really interested in making money by being busy with what you usually do online? We suggest another easy method of earning online with almost no efforts or change of your doings.

The idea offered by Qmee.com is quite innovative and can reward you for mere search in Yahoo, Bing or Google. How to do it? You need to install an add-on into your browser and search. When you are searching the web, there might appear some sponsored results along with your regular search.

All the Qmee results have cash rewards attached. Interested? Just click on a reward and collect it.

  1. Trading market online

In today's world, it is not necessary to become fat cats and buy innumerable yachts as Wolf of Wall Street stockbrokers did. Now you are able to do it on your own with the available platforms for online trading.

When I was researching this, I chose two biggest platforms. They are Plus500 and eToro.com. Each of them offered free accounts for practicing.

On the whole, I, together with more than 4.5 million users around the world, liked eToro more. It has also appeared recently in the BBC 2 documentary. The thing that makes eToro really valuable is its CopyTrader function, which enables you to see, follow, and copy the investments of any influential traders.

In my opinion, $200 is a perfect sum of money, which you can get after learning all the curves and trying some new markets.

  1. Start a website on your own

What about trying to generate a "passive income"? You definitely have to create a website. This is the BEST to earn while sleeping.

Bluehost can help you to start a website. It will take you even less than 20 minutes and will cost nothing. What it does cost you is just a little search on social media to find visitors.

  1. Review websites & apps for cash

Doesn't it seem like you are pretty good with a web browser? I am sure it is high time for you to start something proactive and stop browsing the web for free!

Let me introduce you to UserTesting.com. This is a considerably new platform, which pays people every day for reviewing websites of different kinds. It takes you about 20 min but brings $10 (£6.50) for a review.

  1. Vault Disney's secret

For keeping the demand high during all generations, Disney Studios decided to restrict the release of some home classic stories. They just locked them in their "vault" for some 8 to10 years.

You can buy them here at a reasonable price and have a good profit when they will be on sale in a decade.

  1. Delivery driver or rider?

Do you have a bike, a motorbike or a car? And maybe a Smartphone? You won't need more to earn some money. Use these simple devices to deliver food or even people whenever you have free time.

Another option is to make a deal with some companies specializing in delivery, like, for instance, Deliveroo. They always need new "riders". With a job of this kind, you can feel pretty flexible and work when you can. And what is most important, your salary can be £16 per hour.

  1. Associate marketing

After creating a blog or even a website, or just being present at social media, you can earn money right away. How? Promote services, products, companies and their offers of all possible kinds online.

Do so by mere signing up to a publisher (Awin network), checking what they offer, blogging or browsing merchant lists, and finding anything your peers would like to see, then grabbing your associate link and sharing it. Your commission is considered successful when someone is willing to buy the offer.

  1. Recycle mobile phones

Just try to see what you can receive for the old mobile phone of yours. Our in-house mobile phone tool for comparing prices can be pretty handy for you! You can also ask your family whether they have phones they would like to get rid of.

This job can help you to feel good not only from earning some extra, but also from helping the environment: recycle mobile phones with some of the presented on the comparison tool companies.

  1. "Clickworker" job for you

The basis for the Clickworker.com method is "internet crowd-sourcing", which gives businesses many useful opportunities to advertise some specific tasks that they need to complete fast. As for us, it is one of the easiest ways to get cash fast.

There, you can find various tasks, though their common feature is that they all presuppose data entries, web research, and filling forms. After all work is done, your reward and payment can be received in cash (via PayPal)

  1. Tax back claim

A big number of students have part-time jobs or work on their holidays in summer, while some other are on placement or some paid internship. It happens often that students who work during the year overpay the income tax.

What is the reason for this? It is all because only few students are able to get personal income allowance free from taxes annually but, instead, they are on basic emergency tax-code put by an employer.

  1. Cash back when shopping

This way of making money can be effective not only for students. Looking at it as at the way of earning more with every next purchase, you can make extra 0.5% to 10% of cashback.

  1. Work part-time

The first option of many students who look for additional money is a part-time job. It can be a steady source of income, which also enables a person to get some valuable working experience. Though, nice jobs are often really hard to find!

To avoid any difficulties with finding a good and well-paid part-time job, just begin with our student job search. Here, you can check all local vacancies as well as available career service vacancies at your university.

Another good way to find a part-time job is to sign up with CV Library. It renders its services to the customers for free. The principle is pretty easy: it will match your CV with any part-time job and career chances, which suit you best.

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