How to Make Victoria Secret Your Essay Topic
9 June, 2016

How to Make Victoria Secret Your Essay Topic

This is not an essay itself. My friend challenged me to write this post, saying it’s almost impossible! I was surprised to realize how hard that may be. If you are a man and try to google VS you will be tempted to flow away with gorgeous pictures of marvelous women. If you are a lady, well… you are either watching ladies or underwear. So there are two major ways of writing an essay on Victoria Secret.

Let’s go with economics

Victoria Secret started conquering market in late 1970’s and by now became a trademark that is claimed to be among the best. Actually it passed a long way from small corners in trading centers to hundreds of shops all around the country. During past few years brand has become really recognizable and most of customers surely know the brand shops as the place where to buy high quality lingerie as a gift.       

Researches say that actually all the women worldwide have their own favorite brand. While choosing a brand everything values: price, style, popularity, fit, quality. And it’s up to customer which aspects are the main. Among all the brands Victoria Secret proved to be the most loyal for customers who value style.

Brand’s loyalty is also connected with the usage of DIO MIO system which means that designing process is made in one place, but manufacturing is held in the other, where production process has lower prices. Such a model is beneficial for company itself and for the customers as there is a chance to get lower prices of the same models comparing production in US with production other countries.         

In most cases the Victoria’s Secret is considered to be female brand, but they also produce male perfumes that are eventually not of a great popularity among men because of “female brand” reputation. But surely there are exceptions.   

Relationships also play great role, because either married women will feel care and pleasure of getting Victoria’s Secret gift from a husband and single lady will feel more attractive and feminine in such underwear. 

Price and status also matters. When one part of respondents consider brand to be rather expensive, the other part claims that high quality has it’s price and such product goes into the category of daily used. At the same time part of men do not want to use any products that are made by “women brand”. That’s why we have to remember that each product has it’s own customer and it’s our own decision what to wear, eat, drive. Choose wisely. 

Or fashion is a good option….

Back in 1995, Victoria Secret went for minimalistic kinda-bridal looks with more down-to-earth clothing. With every year VS Fashion Show went for more technology to be used in the show and less clothing on models. We all can say VS revolutionized world’s attitude to lingerie and undergarments.

What is so special about VSFS? Gorgeous models, extremely daring design and of course wings! Victoria Secret is blending haute couture with boudoir designs and some kind theme for every show.

Do you remember Pink Spring Break in 2004? Or a massive White  Attack in 2006? We can all relate to Strong Females of 2010 or celebrate British collection ’13.

Who is your favorite VS Angel? Do you like any collection? Comment below!

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