Tips For Studying Like a Hardcore Nerd
19 January, 2017

Tips For Studying Like a Hardcore Nerd

A lot of people hate studying just because they do not know how to do it right. There is a popular misconception that nerds spend all their time reading books and they have no time for social life and hobbies. I am a person whom people usually call a nerd, but I do have plenty of time for my hobbies and social life. I can tell you that studying is not difficult if you know the tricks and follow them scrupulously. What tricks?

I will share with you 6 best tricks that work for me:

  1. Buy beautiful school supplies. There is nothing stupid about that. If you link beautiful stuff with your studies, you will have more desire to study because it connects learning with pleasant sensations. It is one of the easiest tricks to increase your enthusiasm.
  2. Study ahead of time. No one wants to do this and that is a great mistake, because it is one of the main answers for questions like “how to study right?” or “how to study hard?” But let us look at this in a pragmatic way. You have two weeks before the test. You make some flashcards that you are reading through for 10 minutes daily. Think about this – 10 minutes, it is really nothing. But it will pack your memory with necessary knowledge, so that you will not have to sit all night before the test.
  3. Make short pauses every 15 minutes. This one is among other great tips for studying! If you cannot remain concentrated for 60 minutes, make short breaks every 15 minutes. Use your phone to set the alarm clock.
  4. Use color-codes. Even if you do not like some of the subjects that you are given at school or college, you have to study them. How to make it a fun process? Make up your own system of color-coding that will help you study and will give you more joy.
  5. Talk to you professor as often as possible. You have hundred questions, and your professor has hundred answers. Why not to ask them? Being shy is silly, because your professor’s task is to help the student understand the subject. Most of the time professors are at their office, being ready to answer your questions. Even if you do not need help, you may go and ask them if you have correctly understood everything that was given in the previous lecture.
  6. Write it down. That is why paper notebooks still work better than MacBooks. If you write something down on a piece of paper with your own hand, you will memorize it faster and better. If it is something difficult, like the German language, it will not work from the first time. Repeat it over and over again until you have it in your memory, and once you think you know it – test yourself.

Still wondering how to study hard? Do not study hard – study right!

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