Tips for Having a Good Morning
22 August, 2017

Tips for Having a Good Morning

Are morning people born or made? To my opinion, they are made. Getting up early in the morning is just a habit anyone can develop. If you want to do it, use the tips below.

Note: they will help you make your day more productive even if you don't become a morning person.


I understand that drinking plain water can be too boring. However, your body needs it more than juice, tea and, especially, coke. Water is particularly important in the morning. Right after you wake up, drink a glass of water to benefit your skin and inner organs. Besides, this habit will help you feel more awake. Try it and you'll see: it works better than coffee.


Daily meditation helps you feel calmer, more resilient, focused, and able to deal with everyday issues. It also clears your mind and allows controlling your emotions. If you're a beginner in meditation, don't sit for a long time. Try 5-10 minutes first. Do it right after you wake up and drink your water.


There is no better time for exercise than morning when you only start your day. Choose whatever you like the most – jogging, walking, yogic asana, stretching, etc. If it is possible, do your exercises outside. Fresh morning air will help you wake up quicker.

4. EAT

The habit of having breakfast is good for your health. So take your time, sit down and eat something. If you like to talk while eating, discuss your plans with your spouse or family member. If you prefer silence, sit by yourself. Do whatever makes you feel good.


Enlist everything you need to do during your day. It'll keep you focused on your tasks and prevent you from procrastinating. And when you see them all crossed out in the end of the day, you'll feel satisfied about how many things you've managed to accomplish.

6. be creative

Make time for your creative habits. Create your own inspiration. Do anything you like – cooking, painting, knitting, writing, singing, dancing, etc. For example, you may be playing a musical instrument but lack time for practice. Schedule your morning for that! Even if it's only 10-15 minutes, it's good. Definitely better than nothing.

Getting up early has many benefits. Develop this habit!

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