Things to Think Over if You Want to Live at Home while Studying at College
5 September, 2017

Things to Think Over if You Want to Live at Home while Studying at College

If you would like to stay at home while going to college, you should have a serious conversation with your parents. You are not leaving home, but everything is still going to change greatly, so it would be better to have some kind of plan. Here are several important things to talk about with your family.


Financial Obligations

About ¾ young adults who live at home make financial contributions. You should ask your parents what they expect from you and discuss your opportunities. Even if they do not ask you for rent, you can pay for groceries or some bills. It is a great way to start living on a budget, learn responsibility and establish yourself at home as another adult.

Your and Your Parents’ Expectations

More than 35% of young Americans live at their parents’ home. You have to know your parents’ expectations concerning the financial obligations. Do they want you any housework to tackle? Do they want you to let them know if you are not going to spend the night at home? You should discuss your own expectations, too. Do you want to avoid a curfew? Does the policy on having guests change? Talk about everything that has a meaning for you to avoid any misunderstandings in future. If there is anything that bothers you, take several minutes to think of how to speak openly and delicately with your parents.

Tips on Staying at Home while Studying

Do not forgo learning independence. Stay active in classes, find a job, if you are a member of any club, offer a leadership role. Chances are that your parents are still willing to cook all the meals, clean the house, make groceries and do laundry, but you should not let them continue doing all the work. Now it is time for you to learn those skills and become more independent.

Be smart with your money. If you have the chance to save some money, you should definitely do that. Do not take advantage of living with parents spending that extra money on entertainment. You have to establish a budget and stick to it.

Make new friends. Did you know that having good mates in college boosts academic performance? Living in a dorm is not the only chance to meet new people. You can still use all the numerous community resources, join clubs and groups, which are good for meeting new friends. Find out which classes involve working in groups and much collaboration and join them.

Schedule your cases appropriately. If you have to get to your college using any kind of transport, save some money by scheduling classes on the same day. Try avoiding those classes where you should commute during the rush hour.

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