The Celebration of Presidents' Day
20 February, 2017

The Celebration of Presidents' Day

President’s Day is celebrated to honor and commemorate all previous presidents of the USA. The federal holiday is, however, officially named as Washington’s Birthday. The date of celebration is on the third Monday of February. Actually, all states celebrate this holiday with the only difference in how they call it – either President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday. Most probably, the date of celebration was chosen because two of the most prominent presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were born in February (on the February 22 and February 12 respectively).

Interesting Facts about our Presidents

To honor President’s Day, we've decided to present some of fun facts about our presidents:

  1. George Washington is the only one of the presidents who was unanimously elected: each state representative gave his/her vote to Washington.
  2. The date of John Adams' death is the same as that of Thomas Jefferson – the 4th of July 1826. The following day is also considered as the 15-th anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence.
  3. Among the presidents who signed the Constitution were only George Washington and James Madison.
  4. Apart from being a politician, Thomas Jefferson was a renowned architect, who designed his own home in Monticello and buildings for the University of Virginia.
  5. On the day Lincoln was shot, he told his bodyguards that he had previously had a dream about his assassination.
  6. Lincoln usually wore his stove-piped hat and often kept such things as documents and letters there.
  7. James Monroe was the third president who passed away on the 4th of July.
  8. Martin van Buren is the first to be born in the United States and the first one whose second language is English.
  9. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first of the presidents who appeared on TV.
  10. When Franklin D. Roosevelt was a five-year-old child, he met the President Grover Cleveland who said that he wishes Franklin never to become a president of the USA.
  11. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest one to hold the position of the president (42 years old), Ronald Reagan was the oldest (69 years old), and J. F. Kennedy was the youngest when he was elected (43 years old).
  12. J. F. Kennedy was the first of the presidents who belonged to Boy Scouts.
  13. Woodrow Wilson is the only one, whose grave is in Washington, D.C.
  14. George W. Bush is the only one of the presidents who has an MBA degree.
  15. Barack Obama was entitled a 2006 Grammy Award for the audiobook Dreams from My Father that he voiced.
  16. Barack Obama has not been eating ice-cream since the time he worked at a Baskin-Robbins when he was a teenager.
  17. William Henry Harrison was the president for 32 days. He died from a cold that he caught while giving his speech of inauguration.

All in all, these were some of the most interesting and probably unknown facts to you. Hope you’ve found them fun.

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