Study Abroad Guide (part 3)
23 March, 2017

Study Abroad Guide (part 3)

Becoming an international student in a foreign country is both thrilling and challenging experience that requires preparation and consideration. Even though a study abroad program seems only as a positive experience, a lot of students end up being not satisfied with what they have had and achieved during their stay. Why does it happen? The following guide will help you find the answer.

Therefore, stick to the following tips so that you will easily set realistic goals and do not overstate your expectations.


Intercultural communication

It is not the easiest task to get the feeling that you are in a right place while living in a foreign Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use all available resources to help you with

Before travelling, learn norms that are related to personal communication in a foreign host country, such as hand gestures and making eye contact. Nonverbal communication can be crucial during your time abroad. Besides, it is important to get rid of uncertainty and timidity in order to be able to clarify the most concerning issues and ask questions when you don’t understand what to do.

Family concerns

While taking part in study abroad programs, a lot of students get homesick. It is absolutely natural to miss your family members, friends and your place where everything is so close. However, it is not the best feeling since you are in the foreign country

  • Talk to your peers. I am sure you are not the only one experience these feelings. The best way to stay focused is to maintain a channel of communication with your classmates, support each other, and, consequently, work out the similar problems.
  • Immerse into the cultural environment. Try to stay as busy as you can by taking part in everything your study abroad program offers. Get involved and experience something new each day of your stay.
  • Focus on your study abroad goals. It is a good idea to make a “bucket list” of things you want to do and see while you are away from home. As a result, whenever you feel a bit homesick, read your list and proceed fulfilling it.

Interact with local students

Interacting with local students is a great way to learn more about their country, traditions, local area and get Believe it or not, you will learn a lot during the process of working as a team.

Living in a foreign country

In order to faster overcome “culture shock”, you need to embrace the differences between the culture of the host country and your home country. Even though it depends on your location, it always requires time to adjust. Don’t worry when you experience some

Adjusting to life back home

Any study abroad experience is life changing. After spending some months in a foreign country you become more mature and your views are not similar to the ones th

Be prepared to experience the desire to plan another trip as soon as possible. Find out about other options that will further your interests, career, or academic ambitions. Contact with your program coordinators in order to get helpful guidance.

As long as you have made up your mind to study abroad, take a full responsibility on yourself and get prepared beforehand. Consider each and every detail in order to enjoy your time during the program and get the incredible experience you will never get in your home country.

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