Rock Your First Year
30 June, 2016

Rock Your First Year

A last college time starts. New part of your life, new experience, friends, and much more. Many questions appear at once. About your roommates, things you need, events you are going to take part in. And, of course, being afraid of becoming a freshman. 

But don’t get depressed! Everything is not as scary as it seems to be. Everyone has passed the procedure of starting college life; there are loads of tips in the Internet that will help you to cope with first main tasks of your college survival. Personally I defined my own list of tips that helped me during my first year at college and I’d like to share them with you.


Make a Shopping List

Buying something for your own room brings excitement. You’ve got a chance to decorate or re-decorate your room, add some things for your own convenience and well-organized studying process. Browse internet for interesting ideas. And feel free to use one of them. Or use all of them. Now it’s high time to figure out what you need and what is going to change some part of your living.  Make notes right at the time some brilliant idea appears. Or you can use an app to help you. I love Grocery Shopping List Free, that you can get from AppStore.

Speak to Your Roommate

Talking to each other is a great chance to know each other’s preferences and cooperate faster and better. This can help to avoid dividing room space into two parts and building walls of concrete and metal between you=) Discuss any idea, define what you both like and move forwards to creating your dream room. Don’t be shy to do shopping for both of you or have some shopping time together. Make lists while you study and suddenly recall something necessary to buy, join lists into one piece for convenience and never forget a thing.

Build Your Schedule

Time table is necessary for studying. You are not a robot at all and can’t keep all the amount of information in your head. That’s why try making notes of classes needed to attend, places to go and etc. Keep the schedule in your eyesight to be right in time everywhere and not to get late – actually professors don’t like that. For notes use your mobile with preset reminders of the events, that can ease the task, or you can use any program on your pc and easily access it from your phone anytime you need a reminding of your schedule.  Or even go oldschool – use a paper planner!

Get all the Necessary Stuff for Studying

Sure, you have bought everything for your room and packed your fridge, but haven’t you forgotten about studying stuff? Except notebooks, pens and pencils you may need some programs for studying. You may need some reports to write, presentations, some projects to create.  That’s why you may need some apps for your studying process. Some developers can offer you full package of programs for studying but if you are a skilled user you may choose those that are most convenient for you and fit all of your requirements.  

Take Notes Like a Pro

Just have a look at your pens and notebooks. They are your past. Now look at your future: great number of office apps which are suitable for taking notes, for writing down necessary information. Why should you write down all the necessary information wasting loads of paper and ink? All in all in few years loads of your notebooks will go no further than to recycle bin. So why not to use your laptop with special apps suitable for fast and precise writing down the material provided? Just try it and you’ll never get back to handwriting.

Keep Everything Organized

Having a rush between classes, extracurricular activities and social life can be really exhausting. Create detailed calendar and get into schedule all the necessary assignments and meetings you have to attend. Some of the assignments may last during the whole semester, that’s why they have to be divided into parts and each part has to be provided with the amount of time necessary. In such a way, having a precise schedule you can have more free time for a rest and some extra activities. 

Have Fun

Stereotypes about college students are always connected with lack of money. Is that true or not – well, people differ from each other, that’s why one have money for everything while other are broke after 1 week. Well’ the greatest tip here is to plan your budget. All in all college activities often require some funds, that’s why, not to think about getting money for food, you have to decide, which events to attend and precisely know how much money you are ready to spend there. The task of money planning can be a real competition for you but as a bonus at the end of month you’ll have a chance to buy something special.   

These are my tips that helped me in college during my freshman year. Have something to add? Comment below!   

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