Relaxation Techniques That Don´t Involve Meditation
8 November, 2017

Relaxation Techniques That Don´t Involve Meditation

Meditation is one of the best techniques for relaxation, but it´s not everyone´s cup of tea. Some people find it hard to sit still for a while or simply can´t make their brain stop pondering over everything happening in the world. For those who struggle with finding moment of calmness in life, we offer the following relaxation techniques.


Go for a walk

This might sound like the most basic advice for relaxation, but the effectiveness of walking shouldn´t be underestimated. Freeing yourself from the confinements of your room or work place can be liberating to your mind and do miracles for boosting your productivity later. Breathe in fresh air, go to a park, watch other people and let your thoughts wander away from all things bothering you. Walking is a great distraction, because there are many things outside you can switch your attention to.

Do some creative activity

Even if you’d never dare to proclaim yourself an artsy type, there is always a moment to discover some hidden aspirations. Painting, playing an instrument, doing Pinterest DIYs is something that never feels like work, but still doesn´t let your brain fall asleep. Not only will you relax by doing something creative, but you´ll also develop the artistic part of your brain which might be useful in many non-artistic scenarios.

Sing along your favorite tunes

Sometimes things get too overwhelming, and it might seem like you can´t even hear your own voice in your head. In these cases, nothing is more necessary than some good old out-of-tune singing. If you´re not bothered by your surroundings, let everything go by shouting to your favorite upbeat songs. If you don´t have the luxury of privacy, simple humming will also do the trick of making your mood lighter and brighter.

Write down your thoughts

When your thoughts seem to create a mess in your head, you can organize them through journaling. Pouring them on paper will help you figure out what exactly is happening in your life and thus find solutions for problems bugging you. The math is clear - the more aware you are of your thoughts, the less stressed you feel.

Stretch your muscles

All the previous tips concerned the anxiety we hold in your head, but of course our bodies need to relax as well. The easiest way seems to be to put your feet up and crash on the sofa. However, we offer a more active alternative. There is a connection between mental anxiety and physical tension. So, you need to move your body to get rid of that. Don´t worry, no one is talking about heavy sweaty exercising (though it works for some people), but simple stretches every hour will do.

You don´t have to learn Tibetan meditation techniques to calm your thoughts. Just do these five simple tricks, and you´ll manage to keep your body and mind in peace.

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