Preparing for College Exams
7 July, 2016

Preparing for College Exams

Exams…Is it suitable to say I dislike them not to use some “strong” words?  So much nerves when entering the classroom before the exam I had only when…well, I never had.

I think that happened because the finals greatly influenced my final grade, especially those tests that included nearly 50 percent of the grade for subject. That fact made me become pale and extremely nervous.

Create Suitable Schedule

Do your best to arrange all your exam preparing , classes and meetings in a proper way. Avoid pre-exam “all-night run”, it has no sense. The best way to cope with the exam is to study before, and to have a good rest the night before exam. Sleep well, start your morning concentrated, with fresh minds and being absolutely confident about your success.   

Note all the exam dates. Use desk calendar or a notepad, to understand the deadline. Having the schedule in front of you all the time will help you to plan your exam preparing and have everything arranged in the order that fits you the best way. 

Divide the Free Time

Many of us claim that they will start or go on studying while having a break. Never believed that. Actually I often found myself watching videos, browsing Internet or wasting time watching TV instead of preparing to exams or doing the assignments. Nobody can force you study all the time, that`s unhealthy. Your eyes and brain definitely need to have a break. But not too long, because exam day comes suddenly without warning and you’ll accidently find yourself not ready.     

Try to start studying every day. No doubt after that becomes a habit you’ll have time for meeting friends, for having fun and for playing video games. The best way to arrange that is to set a rule of time division: half of time for studying, another for fun. Review the materials you’ve just learned, rewrite your studying notes. That takes not much time but greatly help to remember information better and faster.


Each subject you study includes much information to consider and remember. Definitions, key terms, important dates – it’s next to impossible to keep all of that in your head and not to forget a thing. There are different ways of arranging that data. You nay use one notebook for each subject which will consist only of dates, terms and etc. There may be two separate notepads: one for numbers, one for vocabulary or one huge, divided into different subjects and separate parts. All depends on you – it has to be clear for you, easy to use and informative.

Where to Study

When preparing for the exams I decided to use library for that purpose. The first impression: much light, quiet, many people studying, all in all suitable atmosphere. But after half an hour I totally changed my mind. That seemed so uncomfortable for me, the hall was to big, and I think no one would understand my putting legs on the table to feel more comfortable=) The brain ordered: RUN! After such an experience I study only at home where I can feel comfortable to sit the way I want, dress what I want, drink and eat during the process.

Clearly Know Your Aim

No doubt the aim of your studying is graduating. Been successful at studying you have a chance to have a good job and become professional in the sphere you are willing to master. Doesn’t matter which motivation is suitable for you and how you reach your aim. You have to remember that good tomorrow depends on hard working today.  

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