Places to Study in NYC
24 November, 2016

Places to Study in NYC

Want to go out but need to study? Hm…what a dilemma. How about combining both?

Check out the following places in NY where to study:

  • Vbar & cafe

It is a perfect mix of a bar, coffee shop, and a cozy place to study. However, when you plan to study after 6 pm, be ready that the laptops are not allowed there as the lights go dim.

  • New York Public Library for the Performing Arts (LPA)

If you are majoring or are just interested in arts, this is a perfect place for you to broaden your knowledge. Apart from cozy study environment, this place offers a variety of exhibitions.

  • B Cup Cafe

Not for those who cannot concentrate on studying in noisy places. However, if you need Internet access and crave to drink some coffee, do not hesitate and come here.

  • Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center

Another great spot, where you can get free Wi-Fi. Enjoy some cozy concert atmosphere apart from visiting this place just to read something.

  • Kaffe 1668

This place has won its reputation as a great alternative to Starbucks. Go downstairs, where you can enjoy the delightful atmosphere as well as delicious food and coffee.

  • Bean & Bean Organic Coffee

For genuine lovers of cozy atmosphere and coffee. This place offers you a perfect opportunity to study in a comfortable sitting and drink coffee made of original beans.

  • The Bean

For those who love to burn the midnight oil – the place is open till midnight and offers free access to Wi-Fi.

  • NYU Helen & Martin Kimmel Center for University Life

If you prefer to have everything in one place, this spot is just for you: lounge area, computer room, comfortable couches, and delightful bakery.

  • Kopi Kopi

If you are looking for a quiet place to study, don’t visit this place. Sip your daily dose of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere.

  • Gotan

Recommended for those having a sweet tooth J A perfect place to combine studying with trying out some delicious things.

  • Astor Row Café

Just awesome place! Lounge music, friendly staff, and hot tea – a perfect atmosphere to immense in your studies.

  • Cafe Jax

For those who adore quiet places for studying. Apart from perfect location, the café offers a lot to choose on the menu.

  • Think Coffee

A spacious place with large tables and free Wi-Fi makes it one of the top studying places.

  • Coffee Foundry

If you get bored with studying, go to the karaoke bar in the back to free yourself from negative studying emotions.

  • Dominique Bistro

Choose this place for studying only in the daytime.

Well, the list is obviously quite long, so take your time and decide for yourself which place you would like to visit first. Do not forget to share your impressions with your classmates ;-)

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