Parent’s Day
23 July, 2017

Parent’s Day

The day of honoring the parents is usually celebrated on the 4th Sunday in July all over the world. This day commemorates all the deeds that your mother and father do to keep you satisfied with the life. This Sunday the entire family spends together to enjoy each other’s company and have a rattling time on the fresh air. Children express their sheerest gratitude towards their parents, making them happy both with attention and various gifts. The most common celebration is different outdoor activities, including parties, picnics and family sport competitions. The presents are most of the times handmade, but older children prefer to take their parents to the favorite restaurants or just looking back to their past memories of childhood.

The first Parent’s Day was celebrated in 1994, when Bill Clinton, the former president of the USA, ordered to establish such a holiday. As it was positively approved by the Congress, and the first celebrations were found to be extremely successful, the majority of countries adopted the tradition and the holiday continued developing all over the world. Here is a more detailed description of the day that gained so much popularity during the previous decade.


Being established by Bill Clinton in 1994, Parent’s Day can be actually considered his own creation. For that time, there were already both mother’s and father’s days existing. However, the former president of the USA felt that it is all about the unity of the family and not selecting a certain member. He initiated and signed the law. Later as the paper went to the Congress, it was approved there unanimously. Thus, first the national and soon international Parent’s Day appeared.


From the first sight, it may seem that Parent’s Day is an ordinary family holiday to rest from work and make a picnic. Even though, most of the families do this on a constant basis, the day actually has a much deeper meaning. These days the number of the ruined families through the divorces is surprisingly big. This is because people do not understand the sacred meaning of the family and neglect this notion in almost half of the instances. Moreover, people should understand that a child requires both parents and cannot perceive the life to the full extent. That is why the Parent’s Day has so much value within a society to show the mystical importance of this unity. This call has been imprinted in the resolution that was originally signed by the Congress to “uplift, support and recognize the parental role within the upbringing of the children.”


Parents are presented different gifts, handmade staff and just attention from the side of their beloved children.

Therefore, remember about your parents – they are the ones who created you, appreciate that.

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