How to Organize and Manage Time in College
13 December, 2017

How to Organize and Manage Time in College

Today, students are the busiest people because they have to combine studying, working and having fun. Studying becomes more and more complicated as students have to face more tests, longer lectures, overloaded schedule. It is easy to forget about pleasures in this life when you do not organize your time properly. Moreover, busy students forget about their health: eating junk food, cramming at nights and sleeping for 2-4 hours become a normal habit. However, students’ life does not have to be as exhausting and overwhelming as we described. Use our time management tips and make your life more organized and less stressful.

Five Tips for Students to Organize and Manage Time

Plan Everything

Every successful student has to create a schedule. It can be in any format you like for example, a diary. Of course, you do not have to write down every minute of your day, however, you need to have a plan to see main events of your day.  The most important thing about creating a schedule you will stick to is being completely honest. If you need to spend an hour relaxing and watching, add this point to the plan and it will not interfere with your studying. Feel the difference between having rest and procrastinating.  

Remove the Distractions

It is difficult to concentrate on studying when you receive emails, social media messages, your friend uploaded a new photo, etc. Thus, you need to turn off electronics to avoid temptation and complete more tasks in less time. By the way, you can schedule a time to enjoy social media as well as watching TV. This is how you can reduce distractions and be more productive.

Learn How to Say “No”

Studying in college and working at the same time, you do not have time for everything so you need to make sacrifices. It is important to say “No” to an additional job you do not have time on, hanging out with people you do not like, helping out the daughter of your mother’s friend with Math, etc. If you really do not have enough time for this, feeling guilty is not an option. No one will study/work instead of you.

Treat Yourself

This tip will not help you to organize your time but to keep you motivated. You can reward yourself after finishing a huge project or for doing something you really hate. Go on a vacation, buy something tasty, in other words, make yourself happy. It is easier to stay organized if you are in a good mood, calm and optimistic.

Use our tips and develop great time management skills. Even the busiest student can have a free time if organize it right. Good time management skills will bring harmony in your life making daily routine less stressful and more productive.

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