Most Overrated Cities: Where to Go Instead
12 January, 2017

Most Overrated Cities: Where to Go Instead

Mr. Chesterton, a prominent English writer, stated that a traveler notices what he sees, whereas a tourist what he came to see. There are some cities and places, which are considered the best for sightseeing. However, in reality they are places not to visit. Experienced travelers call them ‘overrated tourist destinations’. Here you can see the list of the spots, which will only disappoint a tourist: Instead, we propose a number of fascinating alternatives.

Tourist Attractions around the World

An easy substitution to the Empire State Building can be Top of the Rock in New York. Long queues, expensive entrance, not really impressive view from the top of the famous skyscraper can be replaced with much more fascinating overlook, which includes the Empire State Building itself.

You have probably heard a lot about Pompeii, but what about Herculaneum? It has preserved many different ancient objects. Moreover, in Roman times it was a more important and wealthier town than Pompeii, thus here you can see exhibits that are more valuable.

While most tourist strive to see the imprints of the celebrities in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you can go to Runyan Canyon and hang out with your idols. Stars like to go there with their pets or to burn some extra calories exercising.

Giza Pyramids are among the most visited tourist attractions around the world. On the other hand, there is even more amazing pyramid spot near Cairo – the Pyramid Fields at Dahshur. Being much more marvelous, they are not as overcrowded as their siblings in Giza are.

Rhodes is a perfect historical attraction of Greece that you can visit instead of Athens. Old Town, the Governor’s Palace, and the Temple of Apollo make the island shine with mightiness.

Stonehenge is trivial and boring, try visiting the Callanish Standing Stones, that are really inspiring. Less people and more joy, that is all you need for perfect Scottish impressions.

Among the places not to visit, the Louvre museum occupies a leading position. Strange to hear, isn’t it? Yes, but only until you see the works of the impressionists at the Musée d’Orsay. Quite a weird but still an impressive former train station building is now a home to several masterpieces of Paul Cezanne and Vincent van Gogh.

Piazza Navona is a hidden treasure in Rome. While the Trevi Fountain is commonly overcrowded, Piazza Navona is a perfect place to take a picture near a gorgeous fountain together with the marvelous sculptures by Bernini, a famous Italian Sculptor.

Everybody goes to Guinness Factory in Dublin. However, you had better visit a simple traditional Dublin pub such as The Brazen Head, for instance. You may ask why, and here is an answer. Quite boring tour around the factory is not worth your attention. Jump straight into a fun part; drink beer and you will definitely not regret.

One of the most overrated tourist destination is Time Square. But in reality, it is one of the most expensive, most overwhelming, and dirtiest place in whole NY. Go straight to Mile Museum of Fifth Avenue. You will also enjoy the gorgeous view of Central Park there.

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