Making People around You Happier
29 August, 2017

Making People around You Happier

There are such people in your life, who make you feel as if you were on the seventh heaven, when you are near them. Have you ever thought, why your mood goes up, every time you meet? Perhaps, they subconsciously do the following things to comfort you every day.

Use people's names

People enjoy being mentioned on public. The inner feeling of relief, when someone says your name, is so warm and desired that people subconsciously stay closer to those who mention them on a daily basis. The most important sound to a person, regardless of language it has been pronounced, is his/her name. It is a part of your soul and like a shadow of your body. If you want to attract people’s attention, improve their self-confidence and simply cheer them up, just use their names during the communication.

Do not focus on the appearance

The easiest way to comfort a person is to pay attention to his/her appearance. However, this is the least productive way that hardly brings you any value in the communication process. Otherwise, try to point on a person’s character traits and give compliments on the personality. It worth mentioning how important person is for you; how great you feel when you are together; the growing wave of happiness that arouses as you meet.

The eyes are the reflection of the soul

Do not avoid staring. Surely, not in a weird way, but try to keep a steady eye contact. Look into a person’s eyes, while speaking, and you will definitely deserve great respect as well as trust. Psychologists confirm that close friends always have a much longer eye contact than simple acquaintances. However, the ones who give each other the most frequent gaze are the lovers. Try to do it as often as possible. A simple greeting must be pronounced with a frank glance and a wide smile. During the conversation, it is extremely valuable to keep an eye contact, so that a speaker is sure that you are interested in a discussion. It is well-said that close people can sit in silence for hours, without any embarrassment.

Ask them for advice

People love being needed. They acquire a lot of useful skills not to boast them everywhere, but rather to be called for help. Should you have any necessity to get a professional help from your friend, do it as soon as possible. Any tech problem with your laptop, smartphone or other gadgets – get your IT friend for help. Have some relation issues – perhaps you have a friend psychologist within your acquaintances. You will not only get a qualified aid from a specialist but also will definitely boost your friend’s self-esteem and confidence.

Therefore, if you want to be a devoted friend, have a lot of respectful people around you, there is just one general hint for you – be kind. There is nothing more to be done except of delivering a bit of happiness to you surroundings.

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