Make this Thanksgiving Day Memorable
23 November, 2017

Make this Thanksgiving Day Memorable

The end of November brings us the celebration of the annual federal holiday called Thanksgiving Day. While the date is the same for every citizen, they may choose different activities to devote the fest to. Usually, people spend much time with their families and closest friends. A festive meal is also to be expected. The highlight of the menu is a roasted turkey. People also visit city parades, watch football games, help others while volunteering or play various cool games together. But what unites all people at this occasion is that they give thankful prayers for all they have. 

Creating a Schedule for Thanksgiving Day

The preparations start almost in a month. All the invitations for the nearest and dearest are given beforehand, so that they will not plan anything else. It is useful to make a list of the guests and follow it in order not to omit anybody. If there is no need to send welcoming cards, just call the people whom you will be happy to see at this day in your house. If they know about the event ahead of time, there will be no problems with buying tickets.

Do not feel like cooking? Opt for a potluck; this style will make it easier to lay a rich table. What is more, all your guests will be happy to bring in their own part of the celebration. Again, let them know about it in advance. Additionally, you may write down the enumeration of the dishes and share it with the people you have invited.

The central point of the festive board is the turkey. Find it a week or two before the Thanksgiving, so that you will not worry whether you have it for the evening. A turkey farm or the nearest grocery store are the places to purchase the ingredients for the main course. During the process, some difficulties may occur. Be careful when calculating the amount of meat needed to satisfy every guest, and to avoid awkward moments when somebody lacks a portion. An average turkey weights about 16 pounds and it will be a perfect choice for more than 15 people.

Activities to Have Fun

Apart from various household cares and planning everything about family meal in details, you should also come up with some ideas for entertaining. Possibly, you could visit or watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. It begins at 9 in the morning and continues till 11 o’clock. Almost all channels broadcast the occasion, for example, ABC, CBS and others.

Another option is football. What can be better for any American than such a way of spending leisure time? If you do not feel like watching it on TV, organize your own game at the backyard.

Alternatively, you can help in a local shelter. This day is also about sharing the blessing with others, helping those who are in need and feel neglected. You may also opt for a standard list of games, such as Pictionary, Monopoly, Life, etc.

Enjoy the atmosphere of this holiday and the presence of the people you love. Do your best to make this occasion an unforgettable day.

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