Low-Input College Business Ideas
10 April, 2019

Low-Input College Business Ideas

Spending quality time with friends, tuition fees, and living expenses are the things that strain the students’ wallet. A part-time job may be a solution but how to manage it all if you are busy with academic assignments days and nights? Therefore, more and more undergraduates decide to influence their material welfare starting a business in college.


List of College Cost-Effective Businesses to Opt for

Local Cleaning Service 

This option may be viable if you look for a job that will fit in your overloaded schedule. For example, at the age of 21, Kristen Hadeed has promoted cleaning service online. It gave her the possibility to build the whole clients’ network. She claims that the central thing is trust as it motivates people to build long-term business relationships. Then, she hired other students. Consequently, Kristen headed up a large-scale cleaning firm in Florida. 

Undertaking this trade, you may balance your working and studying time, as far as offer only the time when you are available. The first thing you should do is post an ad online. This is the starting point that will give you further opportunities. Of course, it will be too cost-consuming to provide the necessary cleaning supplies, so ask your clients to carry about these things. $20 per hour will be a reasonable price for a beginner. It would be always beneficial to charge hourly pay if you need to clean plenty of space. Do not underestimate the amount of work you need to do and better pencil in more time.


You drive home at least two times during a studying year. Why not to take a fellow passenger and earn a bit? It’s certainly more convenient than any other type of traveling for on-the-go students. Give it a thought and realize  you can have approximately $200 offering such service. Cameron Doody and Stephen Vlahos have noticed that could be very profitable and found a large moving business, Bellhops. The thing is that you should be ready to lift heavy things like furniture or else. So, this craft is quite difficult, but it gives you a chance to have a very flexible schedule. Use flyers, online adverts, social media, or buzz marketing to attract the target audience. 


The position of child caretaker might be one of the best options for a student who is in search of additional earnings. There is always a need for a person to spend an evening with kids or to pick them from school. You can easily profile yourself in the parents’ network on websites like Care.com or SitterCity.com. Get to know whether your college puts forward a list with suggested residential opportunities for nannying. If you connect to a trusted community or service will make you get your position faster. 

As a matter of fact, you need to possess such treats of character as responsibility and punctuality, as well as be good-tempered. What is more, it would make you a wanted candidate if you pass first aid classes. A caregiver can be paid starting from 8$ to $40 in an hour with a view to the experience that you already have in the sphere, the age and number of the kids, and list of tasks to do. 


It is impossible to be well-versed in all school subjects. That is why tutoring is so popular. You are already skillful enough to teach people who fall behind with a particular subject and get some profit out of it. A tutor is required among students in school or college. There are various options you can choose to find your clients yet usually, the promotional services in this field are too expensive. Instead, you can register as a tutor at school, special center. Many educational establishments let tutors officially register on their website so that the students can come across your profile there. In another case, you should refer to self-promotion through online communities, word of the mouth, printing flyers and leaving them in libraries, posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Being largely successful and persistent in a certain subject, you may ask the relevant professor for help. 

The area that is in high demand for capable tutors is SAT. Consider checking the specialized websites to find a job. The Princeton Review and Kaplan offer employment possibilities in different locations in the USA. On average, tutors can get $40, but the payment depends on the city you work in and the subject you teach. You should research this issue before you start working not to undervalue yourself. 

Event Planner 

Social networking realized through various events is an integral part of school and college life. It may be a source of income for somebody who would like to undertake the sphere of entertainment. 

Alex Sanchez has worked on a startup Edgework Entertainment that deals with the management of occasion and promotion. He spotted that college students could not deal with campus events only. He has built relationships with local musical bands and owners. Every side of the deal benefits in this situation. Additionally, they have referred to the social media channel and launched their own website. 

Such business could be easily promoted on campus with the help of fliers, posters, and just spreading a word among group mates and acquaintances. It is an essential step to search for reliable and open to partnership people. If you are friendly, communicative and enjoy organizing social entertainments then this business is the right choice for you. 

Résumé Writer 

Résumé is an obligatory thing regardless of the position you apply for. However, not everybody would like to risk sending an anyhow compiled document. Many students would better pay to get assistance with writing or at least edit. 

Get started writing your own résumé that will be blameless. It is a guarantee that you are proficient in this trade and will create an impeccable CV for a client. To gain more skills and experience, you can visit a career counseling center. Furthermore, you always have a chance to read articles about résumé formatting on the Web. This job requires constant learning and polishing your writing skills. They may charge up to $20 for one order. 


You may already have started to think about math, huge numbers, and finance, but the business idea for college students we suggest in this section is a little bit different. Ben Robinson, a public accountant and businessman, states that you do need to be a financial expert to get employed as a bookkeeper. You should skillfully deal with computers and be able to face real-life issues. Each business is in demand for an employee to deal with paperwork related to accounting. This way companies can save up some money do not hire a professional, but taking students for this position. You do not need money for startup except for the costs of specific software, for instance, Xero. It may take you maximum $70 in a month. Tell about yourself in job listings, and network inside college you study in.  


If you adore any type of craft where you get beautiful jewelry, as a result, advertise it so that people buy it. Lei Lei Secor has started her own jewelry line from simple bracelets. Then, she expanded her business selling goods on an e-commerce platform. She didn’t have any special knowledge of marketing or bookkeeping. It all could be obtained through real-life challenges that you go through once you launch your startup. You should be passionate about making some creative stuff. This will motivate you to learn new technique watching online tutorials. Not of the least importance is the ability to make good photos. Nevertheless, your jewelry may look gorgeous in reality, the photo may spoil the impression of it. You may find useful the online service Etsy to promote and sell the products of your handiwork. In the beginning, it is better not to apply expensive materials, because you will not return this investment in the business on this stage of its development. 

There is a hope that you have found the prospective job for you in our list of top business ideas for college students. Look for a trade that you truly like and will not be oppressed with. Think of something that is helpful and people will happily pay for it.

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