Internship 101: Where to Start?
1 September, 2016

Internship 101: Where to Start?

It’s high time to start looking for your internship. First impression you create at your workplace is of a great value, especially if that’s your first experience. You need to do your best to succeed during your first day.

First thing to remember is that you have to get a good rest before. Sleep well, eat a good breakfast, and get ready physically and mentally. Consider your clothes: if you are being hired to a higher position, great attention will be paid to your clothing. Do your best to come in a good mood and inspired to work.

Great impression gives the timing: try doing everything just in time or even earlier, come to work before everyone – and chances are your efforts will be noticed.

Be prepared

The first day will give you many papers to fill in. Don’t forget any documents you may need to write everything in a proper way. Not a bad idea is to find out as much information as possible about the company, employees or any additional information you would be able to operate. 

Having good memory is a great benefit, but don’t be lazy to take a notepad with you to have a possibility to write down some important information. Once you’re instructed, you’ll get all the necessary information about the future work. So don’t be shy to take as many notes as possible to make working process easier and not to forget some important details.

Get as much information as possible. Impress managers by asking additional questions, gather detailed information and show you are interested in the working process. Feel free to ask for repeating some statements. You surely have to possess full instructions to do the tasks the right way.


Get something new for yourself while meeting new people ant talking to them. There’s nothing bad in knowing your colleagues and gathering useful and interesting information about company, working process and people who surround you.

Show your reliability

When having coped with the task you’ve been given, ask something else to do. All your working skills are formed after doing some work. Try to do even more than you are asked to do. Create an impression of person who can do anything and your manager will notice that at once.

Never lose a chance to show yourself. If you have an opportunity to give an idea – speak. Offer an extra help for some tasks, be initiative and willing to get to know something new. Your ability to cope with difficult extra tasks will help you greatly. Being passive will never lead you to a successful career.

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