Independence Day To-do List
4 July, 2017

Independence Day To-do List

Independence Day is one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year. Annually, it falls on the fourth of July. The subject of rejoicing is the Declaration of Independence, by which the sovereignty of the USA was announced in 1776. As well as almost four hundred years ago, the statement is still in the center of attention.  Having picnics, festivals and fireworks is already a part of the time-honored custom. However, sometimes the ways of celebrating may vary in different states. Below, you will find the list of essential things to accomplish.

Adorn the roof of your house, your working place or a car with the American flag

Alternatively, you can hang it on your scooter or bike. If it is too massive, you can use a string and hang the flag in the garden and yard. This will be the part of the decorations and, at the same time, it will create special atmosphere.

Have a good read of the Declaration of Independence 

Probably, you have never opened this fateful document celebrating its anniversary every year. One more good idea is to light up the sparkle of interest in your kids and read it to them. It is not that long as you might think. The statement consists of approximately two pages. It is really worth reading, as the change it made is still valuable.

Choose a patriotic look

Commonly, people dress up clothes designed as the national flag. In like manner, they wear various pieces of clothes composing red, blue and white color on them. You can come up with your original patriotic costume. Have fun drawing the flag on the cheeks or choosing the appropriate nail design.

Do not miss the 4th of July parade

A starting pack for every spectator consists of a hat, a sunscreen and water to be safe staying in the sun and to feel comfortable. Enter the festive spirit and wave back with other attendants when the American veterans go by. What is more, bring a blanket and a folding chair with you to perceive the atmosphere relaxed and on ease.

Spend some quality time with family members and friends

Gather together at around 1 p.m. to enjoy some traditional dishes. On this day, nobody can do without hot dogs, hamburgers, American flag cakes and such fruit as a watermelon.

Do not disregard a range of cool activities

Every local community prepares in advance. People organize a huge number of festivities, displays and fireworks. Get to know what is going to be presented and plan your day the way it will be possible to participate in some occasions. For example, in Boston the celebration lasts for six days. Visit its famous Freedom Trail. Additionally, there is a possibility to be present at turning of the USS Constitution and watch the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

In brief, devote this day to respect the moment of gaining freedom and independence. Derive pleasure from spending time with the dearest and nearest, and do be active when it goes about social occasions.

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