How to Write a Dating Profile Tips
17 July, 2019

How to Write a Dating Profile: A Couple of Working Tips

This is how the story usually goes: after many doubts and uncertainties, you finally decide to embark on online dating and search through dozens of websites to find the one that suits you the most. However, it suddenly occurs that making the decision and choosing a platform is an easy part, while how to write a dating profile is a challenging question behind it. It calls for all your creativity and critical thinking, as you need to present yourself from the best angle but without too much flattery, list your best qualities without seeming too self-involved, and show openness and a little humor at the same time. Such multi-tasking is never easy to handle, especially if you have no idea whatsoever about writing techniques and tricks. That is exactly why we created this article: we believe that the specific suggestions about what should and should not be included will help you get a better understanding of how to write a profile that will attract perfect candidates.


Dating Profile Tips for First-Timers

1. Stay positive

What to strive for?

We all know that the world around us is just a reflection of what we feel, and our perception of things is what forms our reality. Undoubtedly, this principle can be applied to the profile writing, so you need to be aware of your mindset while working on it. A positive and hopeful attitude with kind intentions, your openness and enthusiasm are the best partners for the process of writing. Good emotions and optimistic thoughts will attract the same kind of vibes later, so be sure to put them in your profile. This works in the other direction too, so if you are in a bad place emotionally, of you feel rage, frustration, despair, or other destructive emotions, they will attract a person who feels the same way, even if your profile will look perfect. That is why, the first thing you need to pay attention to is your emotional state while you are writing. 

What to avoid?

Sometimes the positive attitude and good intentions can be accompanied with a certain erotic message, when you are giving off the hot vibe. While it may be acceptable on later stages of communication online, we do not advise to base your dating profile on explicitly shown desire or sexual openness, as it may attract the wrong kind of candidates or distract the users from your personality. Thus, try to focus on your personal traits rather than sexual message.

2. Choose a good photograph

What to strive for?

Your profile picture is your only chance to make the first visual impression, and as you know, it is long-lasting and often decisive. In fact, it takes 2-3 seconds for the users to decide whether they would or would not like to communicate with a person based on their photograph, while 60% of the profiles without main photographs will remain unopened. That is why, displaying a picture is absolutely necessary, and choosing a good one is crucial. It does not mean though that you need a professional camera or expensive photo shoot: a regular camera on your smartphone will be enough if you use it right. Put on your special outfit, choose your favorite angle, and take a few pictures. Then, choose the most successful one and place it to your profile. Make sure it is of good quality and shows your face well.

What to avoid?

Besides the blurry images of poor quality, there are some other mistakes that can be made at this stage. Some users are so concerned about looking good on their pictures that the result is reverse to expectations. For example, women can make an excessive makeup, put on extravagant clothes, and take unnatural postures, and men can show smiles on the verge of creepy and look like characters from advertisements. Thus, showing off is a major turndown here: try to stay, as natural as possible, and it will be enough for attracting the right audience to your profile.

3. Be yourself

What to strive for?

The best answer to the question “how to write a dating profile?” is “be yourself”. This simple truth is a key to a successful profile that will connect you with the right people. All you need to do is show who you really are: what your real interests, traits of character, strengths and weaknesses are. By opening up, you will create an environment for attracting people with similar values and views, which is exactly what it takes to make a good foundation for the trusting and engaging relationships. Be honest and do not be afraid to sound silly. If you think that there is nothing curious you can tell about yourself, try to think of some unique qualities you have, or some experience that contributed to making you who you are now. Such personal stories will help others to see who is behind the profile and feel connected to you.

What to avoid?

Exaggeration, demonstration of unrealistically good qualities, and fake perfect identity is only going to scare others off. The recent online dating survey has shown that the users are reluctant to contact people with suspiciously great profiles with embellished descriptions, while the profiles with life-relatable content and real life stories are likely to get more trust. The conclusion is obvious: you should avoid being someone you are not and trying to sound more impressive. Remember, people will only like you for who you are, not for who you pretend to be.

Composing a dating profile is really like looking into a mirror and facing the truth about yourself. You need to come to terms with who you are, and present your personality from the perspective of love and acceptance. If you manage to stay honest, natural, and unique, this will be enough to attract that special someone and start a respectful relationship. We sincerely hope that the tips provided in this article helped you to reach this goal and boosted your confidence.

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