How to Survive Black Friday with Basic Self Defense
24 November, 2017

How to Survive Black Friday with Basic Self Defense

Black Friday is popular with its beneficial discounts in stores and huge crowds that go insane. You obviously want to be a part of that craze, but it is easy to get injured, so we would like to share some self-defense tips that will help you stay safe and be satisfied with your Black Friday purchases.

Think Twice

Yes, basic self-defense suggests that you'd better avoid dangerous situations. So, think about the items that are not that precious to you. In such a way, you will save a good deal of money spent on these things and on medications as well:)

Be Specific

Therefore, make a list of things you really dream of, and seek for them only. For this purpose, you should make some preparations: find the shops that will offer these products at good prices. But in case it is too risky to get inside, have plan B: another shop, but with less people inside.

Avoid Crazy People

Many people lose their minds on Black Friday, so try to avoid screaming crowds: let them do what they want. Be clever; just find an easier and safer way to pick a desired item! Decide with your mind, not just with a hungry glance!

Be Polite

Saying "excuse me" and "I am sorry" are good ways to stay safe and pass through a noisy crowd. And never get involved in arguments and fights! Even though you kick your opponent's ass, you may lose precious time to get a discounted product.

Enjoy Shopping

Remember that Black Friday is a possibility to get good products for no price. At the same time, we suggest you to give up an idea of Black Friday shopping, if you hate shopping in general. In fact, this day is about the satisfaction of shopping desires rather than an annual necessity to get involved in all that craze. You will have a chance to test your nerves in Christmas time:)

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