How to Stay Homesick Resistant
28 June, 2017

How to Stay Homesick Resistant

Whether you are an introvert or an extravert, you are not alone in experiencing homesickness when you are in college. Don’t collapse and try to take into account the following ways of cheering yourself up when you are far from home.

Explore New Places

Look at the other side of the coin. Being homesick doesn’t mean being alone! Don’t get disappointed with the fact that a new place lacks old friends or entertainments you got used to. Pull yourself together and explore the places, which will become your new besties. It doesn’t necessarily imply that you have to cross out your former life, but try to find benefits in what you’ve got.

Intersperse Your New Life

College years away from home give students opportunities to turn a new page of their life. You are one step closer to the adulthood. Since now, you are on your own; you can regulate your time and intersperse it with the activities you are keen on. Moreover, filling your time with various extracurricular activities, which bring you a pleasure, of course, will distract you from thoughts of how much you miss the home.

Create a Personal Comfort Zone

One more great way to get rid of homesickness is creating a personal comfort zone, which is going to be the place you feel yourself the coziest. You may bring into this zone some small things that remind you about the most precious moments of your home life, that make you smile or just bring you into a nice mood. You don’t need to design a new place the way you had it at home. Be creative. It’s your chance to diverse your surrounding.

Time Heals

If you still feel too much homesick, there is nothing left to do but wait when some time passes. Sooner or later, we get used to the things happening in our life. However, don’t bury yourself in the dorm. Get in touch with other freshers. It is always hard to start something new, but it gets better as soon as you realize that everything is not THAT bad.

We all miss our homes to some extent. It is a kind of an inborn feeling, which we face when leave our homes. However, it is not the reason for sadness. Chins up! It is just the beginning of life’s adventures!

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