How to Read a Textbook
26 January, 2017

How to Read a Textbook

When you are a student, you know how to spend the whole night with a book. If you should study lots of material, books are your main friends. Have you ever thought how to make process of reading faster, easier and more effective? Our pieces of advice give you answers. We share reading methods with you.

How to read more effectively

Before beginning to read a book make a surface survey. Pay attention only to headlines and text set in bold. Read the introduction and conclusions of the chapter.

Determine what information you have got during surveying and the main idea of the chapter. Formulate questions to the represented text.

When you formulate the notion about the contents, you can begin to read. Push off the information that you get before. Reading textbooks before a lecture is a very effective method to understand the material better. When the lesson is over, you can concentrate your attention on the concepts that your teacher gave prominence to.

After reading, give the answers to all questions that you formulated early. Look the main concepts and ideas over. Check your understanding of the text.

One more idea is to make notes. Write a chapter’s title and main information represented it. Don’t forget about terms and their explanations.

When you had made all manipulations that we proposed earlier, you should make a review. Run over your notes. Remember the main information that you have read. Check yourself. Imagine what questions can your teacher asks and what you will answer. When you are not sure of your knowledge, come back to the necessary chapter. It will be a nice possibility to analyze your notes.

Our reading methods will help you increase the efficiency of your reading, as well as prepare for your exams. It is a very useful algorithm. You will review all materials and have the helpful notes. In the end result, all important information will be easy to access.

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