How to Plan Out Carefully Your First Study Abroad Experience
23 February, 2017

How to Plan Out Carefully Your First Study Abroad Experience

Have you ever considered studying abroad? What is the major factor in choosing a destination? What should you pay attention to? How to feel confident about your choice?

The following guide will help you deal with your fears and make you prepared to start a new chapter in your life away from home. Here you will find the answers to the most concerning questions and issues. Put advice into practice and begin a life-changing journey.

Why to Study in a Foreign Country?

There is a variety of reasons to study abroad. Some students seek new experience, and they want to get it through travelling. Others expect to improve their foreign language skills. It is also important to bear in mind that each country provides different learning opportunities. Therefore, as a student, you have to make a right choice where to go.

However, the main reason to study abroad is to become prepared for work after graduation. Getting the new valuable knowledge and new connections is a part of what makes you more successful in the nearest future.  Consider the fact that the number of students studying abroad is increasing every year. Why not you become one of them?

Making a decision to study abroad

It is an absolutely individual decision whether to spend summer, a semester, or a year abroad. Here are the major criteria you need to take into account when making up your mind where to study.


When choosing a program, determine if you are eligible for the one you are interested in. Be sure to check the program’s requirements and whether you will earn the needed academic credit. If it is a must-have, you have to be very careful before making a final decision. Find out if study abroad credit is transferable and consider coordinating and consulting with your advisor and academic department in order to get to know whether studying abroad will delay your planned graduation. All these issues should be clarified before starting anything so that you don’t have troubles afterwards.

Foreign language

The main advantage of studying abroad is improving your foreign language skills. No doubts, this skill will be beneficial to your resume and future workplace.


Starting a study abroad program requires you to move out of your comfort zone and socialize with people that are completely new to you. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of possible challenges of studying and living abroad. Even though you have plenty support services available during your program, it is a very invaluable experience of self-reliance. For instance, you need to take a full control of your personal finances (paying rent, opening a bank account abroad, etc.).

Consequently, you become more confident and independent. Problem-solving and challenge-overcoming skills during your life abroad are something you can’t get while living at home and will definitely do much good after graduation.

Additional costs

As a study abroad student, consider the number of costs you will be responsible for (additional tuition and fees, visas, travel costs, insurance, housing, meals, etc.). Set aside some money for abroad trips to other cities in order to fully discover the country you are staying at.

Be sure to find out about the financial support you can get since a number of study abroad programs provide scholarships and grants for foreign students. Feel free to ask about available funding opportunities. 


Consider the timing of your study abroad in order not to miss opportunities that matter to you. Clarify whether a study abroad program aligns with your academic year at home so that you are not ruled out for an internship or research trips.

Independent programs

Don’t be limited just by the choices your college or university provides. There are private and governmental organizations that also offer abroad opportunities. However, when exploring these organizations, make sure that your school recognizes them in order to have a second source of approval and ensure transfer credit.

Don’t postpone your search of an abroad university. Start doing research considering the advice we have gladly provided and let the new chapter of your life begin in a foreign country.

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