How to Manage Your Time During Exams
23 June, 2016

How to Manage Your Time During Exams

College period is the time of great fun, of starting being a grown up, making decisions and planning your future life. Exam period which happens sooner or later for many students seems to be the time of stress, lack of sleep, being nervous and…trying to survive. 
In most cases exams take one exhausting week and during these days you are offered to complete all the assignments and feel a free man after. But you life consists not only of studying – you have to arrange some meetings with your friends, have a rest, attend some events. That’s why the answer for everything is creating precise schedule.

Plan your time

Start creating your schedule from defining dates of all the exams you’ll have. Clear up all the meetings that have to be arranged and all the events that you wish to attend. Use any means for writing them down, mark with text markers, make your notes be readable and easy to work with.

When having clear plan, exams won’t come suddenly and you will surely be able to cope with your tasks without getting nervous and having something left behind your attention. Besides you will surely find enough time for having a good rest and having fun with your besties.   

Place to study

Choose a perfect spot for studying. Some students like doing that in the library where you get access to variety of materials, have quiet atmosphere and never get distracted by anything because of quiet atmosphere.  Personally I prefer studying at home. Here you can make breaks any time you want. Put on convenient clothes, take something to eat. Crunch with crisps without any doubts and angry looks at you=))). For me that looks more suitable and pleasant, besides I’m not very keen on studying with many people in the room. But all in all it’s absolutely up to you which option to choose.

Don’t forget to eat

Exams week can be rather stressful and fulfilled with things from your to-do-list. That’s why you may forget some essential things – for example your breakfast or dinner. Try to add them to your schedule. Choose a place to eat according to the places you have to visit this day, and if you’ve already learned all the menus, plan what you are going to eat.

Have practice

The best way to practice is creating a kind of a form: fill in the gaps, give definition of term, explain the meaning and etc. Having such practice will help you define the things you missed at the classes, the things that need revision, and those you are an expert in. Having filled in such test at once you can go and pass your test right now! Aw, there’s two das left? Watch cartoons then=)

Using such tips or creating your own, you’ll see that some complicated things can be arranged easily and are not so hard to cope with. Keep your life balanced and you will never get into stress, bad mood or disability to cope with tasks. Enjoy your studying and your students life. Have fun;) 

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