How to Keep Your Student Discount?
6 October, 2016

How to Keep Your Student Discount?

Oh, you must be missing your college times, when you had student discounts that helped you save your money. After graduation, you probably wanted to keep student discounts and be able to use them again. Here, students are divided into two groups: those who don’t care about morality and ethical implications and just continue using their student IDs to get discounts, and those who are morally uptight and just forget about it.

However, there are some methods to help you use the discounts after college

  1. The sticker method, which involves updating the date of current enrollment in college by sticking a new date on the student ID. In case you need a digital version of your student ID, you may use Photoshop. However, if your student card has no sticker, it is even easier for you to find a way out, since you might make some fake stickers.
  2. Unofficial college schedule. Some market retailers require college schedule as a proof that you are a student. Actually, a college schedule is not hard to fake. One of the ways is to keep your own schedule while still being in college.
  3. Email address with the domain .edu. Very often, to get student discounts, you need to have a valid .edu email address, which is easy to keep after college graduation.
  4. How to get free Microsoft software. With the help of the program Dream Spark, you can pretend to be a high school, college or university student. Thus, when you register and create your student account, you will be able to get Microsoft software for free.
  5. Use the Craiglist. This platform allows you to find students who can lend you their student IDs for a relatively small fee. $20 and a student will accompany you to the store you want, and thus you will buy the desired thing with a discount.

Well, these are just some of the available tricks that you may use to get discounts. Still, if you feel really bad about the illegal ways of getting discounts, maybe you will try to become a student again? J You do not need to study for a degree again. It will be enough if you attend some evening classes. Besides, it will be a perfect opportunity to learn something new.


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