How to Improve Your Sleeping Habits
5 December, 2017

How to Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Natural sleep and good health are interrelated. Your sleeping routine should be impeccable, especially if you’re a student. It predetermines your concentration on studying, as well as influences your general well-being. A person who doesn’t get enough sleep can easily turn sick, which is more unpleasant than just being dozy at the lecture.

A young mind is often reckless: it is consumed by the exaggerated emotions, it seems to be hyperactive, but when your inner restlessness causes insomnia, your romantic night vigils risk turning into morning fatigue (even if you managed to write dozens of poems overnight).

There are little relaxation secrets that will hasten your visit to the land of Nod.


“Magical” Herbs

Maypop or Passionflower

Passionflower looks surreal. What if Salvador Dali secretly consumed it in order to have imaginative dreams, which were later perpetuated in his paintings? We can only guess. But some soothing powers of Maypop are undeniable. This plant is known as a natural remedy for nervousness and hysteria. Since it’s able to calm down even an anxious person, the small dose of it will definitely lull you to sleep. You can dry passionflowers on your own or buy Maypop teas in the local drugstores.

Catnip or Field Balm

This herb got its amusing name because of the fact that cats get high when sniffing catnip: they are rolling head-over-tail and feel pure feline happiness. What is interesting, catmint’s effect on humans is the opposite. Once you consume it, you start yawning and the world becomes the most calming place.

Good Old Chamomile

Chamomile tea is one of the most relaxing beverages in the world. Why does it affect us this way? This healthy brew raises the body temperature, and while this warmth is filling your organism, your brain is receiving signals for the necessary rest. You’ll say that any hot drink is able to mollify your body, but it’s only partly true. Chamomile’s main secret lies in the absence of caffeine (the majority of teas have it). Besides, its tender flowery fragrance evokes somnolence.

Somniferous Foods

Turkey Sandwich

Don’t eat turkey sandwiches if you have to stay alert. It was considered that this poultry has an abundance of tryptophan (an amino acid that influences your brain chemicals related to sleep). That’s why it was said that people became so lazy on Thanksgiving because eating turkey made them sleepy. It appeared to be that the amount of tryptophan in turkey is the same as in other meats. But, what is interesting, if to combine turkey meat with cheese and bread, your organism will start to release tryptophan, putting you to sleep.

Montmorency Cherries

Montmorency cherry has an abundance of melatonin, which is usually created by your brain at night to guarantee you deep dreams. If insomnia bothers you, you should stock up on some Montmorency cherries to chew them before heading to bed. You’ll have a wonderful sleep!

Vigorous Exercise

An energetic workout is useful but it’s also extremely wearisome. Dedicate some time to a fruitful exercise in the evening, take a warm shower, and then drink your passionflower or chamomile tea – Morpheus will open out his arms, welcoming you to his dreamful kingdom.

These sleep tricks are extremely helpful but don’t overuse them because dreams are too sweet while reality is passing by. There should be an equilibrium between being asleep and being awake.

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