How to Make the First YouTube Video
20 April, 2018

How to Create Successful Videos

The development of the Internet and digital technologies have made the modern life a lot more convenient. Previously, in order to learn some important information, it was necessary to read a large number of books or contact a specialist. Now you can find the answer to the question that interests you on the Internet. One of the most popular types of sharing information is the online video guide. Many people make such videos professionally; they have succeeded in this activity, and it has become their main occupation in life. Learning to shoot such clips is not very difficult; you just need to have a great desire. Here are a few tips and tutorial video ideas for you.


How to Make the First YouTube Video

  • Find a Good Idea

There are many videos on completely different topics on YouTube. Each author chooses a theme that he or she likes. However, it is important to remember that video must disclose current and useful topics. Here are a few tutorial ideas for YouTube. For example, you can create a tutorial with some useful life-hack or a selection of interesting news with your comments; you can also make your own small comic cartoon or video devoted to handmade things.

  • Create a Clear Screenplay

Very often, when people watch a video on YouTube, it seems to them that the authors speak without preparation. Most likely, it is not so. Successful video bloggers write a thoughtful script. It allows them to build a clip consistently. However, do not write a too complex screenplay. If your video will resemble a lecture in college - this is not what you need. Create a very clear and concise script, and your tutorial will be interesting and not boring.

  • Speak About Important Things 

Do not be distracted by minor and unimportant things. Speaking of a phenomenon, you should not overload viewers’ attention with data that will be useless for them. Formulate your theme and idea clearly.

  • Create a Useful Video

The main task of the tutorial is to be useful for the audience. Do not talk about something that is known only to you and a small circle of your friends. Describe some everyday problem and ways to solve it. Make your message as clear and easy as possible. Speak friendly and be polite.

  • Make Short Clips

Try to explain in detail how to solve this or that problem as much as possible, but at the same time, do not make too long clips. They will be very boring, and it is unlikely that someone will watch them until the end; a small video can attract more potential viewers.

  • Add a Little Humor

Even if you are talking about a serious subject, good humor can be very helpful. This is not an official speech; you are talking to ordinary people, so a good joke will make your video interesting and memorable. However, it is worth to limit yourself and not to use too many jests in order not to look ridiculous.

  • Tell a Story from Your Everyday Life

Telling about a life hack, describe how useful it was to you in everyday life. In science, any theory requires confirmation with arguments. The same situation is here, viewers want to make sure that your piece of advice is not just a hypothesis and that it really works. You can not only talk about something but also show it. You will win people's respect and make your tutorials more interesting.

  • Choose the Proper Music

Sometimes it is very boring to watch videos without music, especially when the speaker stops telling and the action begins. Choose the music that will become the background for your video. Select several tracks that will be relevant to the theme and mood of your tutorial. Music should not be too loud and should not distract the attention of the audience.

  • Learn the Basics of Video Editing

Even if you are shooting a short tutorial with the camera of your smartphone, knowing the basics of video editing and having the idea of how to film YouTube videos on your phone is useful to you. Possessing these skills, you can make your video more professional. You can learn the principles of editing on the Internet; this information is available to everyone, there are a lot of tutorials and tips about it on YouTube.

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