How to Create a CV if You Have No Experience?
21 July, 2016

How to Create a CV if You Have No Experience?

Your dream job is waiting for you but the record of your work experience leaves much to be desired. Does it sound familiar? What can you possibly write in your resume to promote you better than any glowing recommendation letter? There is a couple of techniques that will help you introduce yourself in the best light possible.

Relevant Skills Do Count  

Most CVs begin with relevant work experience. It becomes a setback when you have no credentials to boast about. Rather than filling the precious space on your resume with stuff that will only confuse the employer, start with your relevant qualifications.

There must be an explanation of why you think you fit this particular position. You probably possess some transferable skills from a previous workplace, or you acquired abilities while conducting academic projects. In any case, summarize all your qualifications and highlight them at the beginning of your CV. If you’re a new grad, place your skill section right under your education.

Related Projects are Also Useful

Academic work and side projects are also your contributions. Therefore, as long as this experience can be called a project work, don’t hesitate to write a few lines about it as well.

Create a separate section devoted to projects, where you would write about your extracurricular activities that helped you find your true vocation. Was it a class project that impressed you? Or maybe you volunteered to help with something that inspired you to pursue new career goals? Anyway, all these should be included in your CV in a “Projects” section. Format it in the manner that will help the employer understand that this is a valuable experience that should also be considered when assessing your application.

A Persuasive Cover Letter

Although cover letter isn’t the part of your resume, it’s better to play safe. In fact, a cover letter is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the company’s needs and your capabilities. Be specific here and show why you might become a real asset, so that the hiring managers won’t question your skills.

The job market is a challenging area. The key to success lies in presenting your relevant skills as though they are indispensable for the position you are interested in. Enclose a compelling cover letter that together with a beaming smile and a bit of luck will definitely draw a hiring manager’s attention.

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