How to Change Your Attitude Towards Studying
25 August, 2016

How to Change Your Attitude Towards Studying

Feel bored while studying? Have a look at some key recommendations on how to make your college life more interesting by changing the attitude towards the process of studying. Student life is definitely not the right time to feel dull, so here are some simple hints that can be of help.

  • Change your perception of studying in general and each discipline separately. For example, what do you think about Literature? Most of students consider this class to be some kind of archaic stuff, but it can be very engaging. Again, the attitude is the key. To become interested in this subject, just pay attention to the fact that about 80% of the films are based on literature works. Thus, to gain some enthusiasm, you may try to compare the book you read with its movie equivalent. You will be surprised how different they could be. Besides, it is quite easy to find film adaptations of classical literature you have to read during your high school or college years.
  • The next things students often feel dull about is memorization. If this is your case, you should try mnemonics – mind techniques that help memorize information through associations with unrelated objects, phrases, words, etc. Here is the simplest example of mnemonic technique one may practice in order to learn the order of mathematical operations:

Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract

The mnemonic phrase to remember:

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

As you can see, even Math can be fun when you use mnemonic techniques.

  • Another hint that can enhance your motivation is a reward. Every time you have to study something, think of small rewards you will get as soon as you finish the planned assignment. Let’s say, you should write an essay or read something. So, you may promise yourself that when you finish, you can play your favorite computer game for an hour; or after you read 20 pages of the story, you will have time to chat with friends on Facebook. Such tiny, yet pleasant bonuses will give more vigor to study and you will forget what tedium is.

Using just mentioned tips will definitely change your studying from completely boring to a truly exciting one. No more dull reading, monotonous memorizations, or endless hours of performing tasks. Now you can combine reading with watching, use mnemonic techniques and reward yourself after each portion of a completed task.

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