How to Buy College Textbooks at Reasonable Prices?
18 August, 2016

How to Buy College Textbooks at Reasonable Prices?

If you have already encountered the problem of looking for affordable college textbooks, you are aware that this way of shopping can bankrupt you. Being a student means that you need to learn to save money in order to prevent yourself from making too costly or unnecessary purchases. So, what should you do if you need textbooks, but you do not want to go broke?

This article offers some advice on how to get college textbooks at affordable prices

  1. Consider buying used books. It does not essentially matter whether a book is new or someone has already used it – the content is still the same. Indeed, it may look a bit worn, but if all pages are there, it is worth buying. You may look for such books in the campus stores or you may do some online search to find specialized sites that offer used books in a good condition.
  2. You may prefer renting college textbooks. This option has both pros and cons. The indisputable advantage is the price, which is usually lower. However, these books need to be given back in a good condition, so no writings in the margins or underlining are acceptable. If this causes some discomfort for you, you should opt for another method.
  3. Online books can be your solution. If you are ok with the use of electronic books, I mean, you do without the smell of paper, the feeling of pages and the possibility to make notes on them, this alternative is right for you. You can easily find either free online books or online books that are significantly cheaper than their paper equivalents.
  4. Make a sale. You do not need to collect all the college textbooks from the previous semesters. Hence, it is reasonable to make a sale of your old books to earn some money and spend it on the textbooks you need now.
  5. Take your time. What I mean here is that you should not buy the whole list of books at once, but wait until you see which textbooks you actually need. This method will prevent you from unnecessary expenses; however, it is suitable only for students, who are inclined to take risk.

To make your search for affordable books easier, you may use the following resources: Amazon, Book Boon, Student Book Trades, Big Words, Textbook Recycling, Chegg.

So, try the listed tips and you will manage to save some money when buying college textbooks.

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