How to Brainstorm: Generating Topic Ideas for Your Essay
29 May, 2016

How to Brainstorm: Generating Topic Ideas for Your Essay

Essay writing is part and parcel of the life of every student, but this is not to say that the regularity makes these assignments any easier to complete. A lot of people do not find it easy to write essays. One of the reasons may be that there is so much reading and research work to do, which means a lot of time needs to be put into the process. One good technique is brainstorming for helping to generate ideas and this technique is well worth considering for making writing tasks easier.  

What Does Brainstorming Involve?

A lot of students find brainstorming to be an effective method for generating fresh ideas and thoughts, which can then be used to solve writing problems. Brainstorming can be undertaken on one’s own or in groups, with much dependent on the writer’s preference.

One great aspect of brainstorming is the way it can refresh or invigorate a writer’s thinking. The technique enables an individual to generate ideas they would not have previously thought of. It provides an opportunity to let one’s mind explore freely. You need not fear any of the thoughts or ideas that come out or that these sound ridiculous. Just write everything down.

After You Have Put Your Thoughts on Paper

When all your thoughts and ideas have been put down on paper, you must bring them together and simultaneously generate a number of topic ideas. This is a stage of essay writing you need to be entirely serious about. During this part of the process, you will need to sift through your ideas and separate the good from the bad. Once done, you should find you have still an abundance of material to work on and it should be easier to start writing the essay you have been tasked with. 

Take it One Step at a Time

Brainstorming should be done one-step at a time. Here is a breakdown of the process:

  • Understand the problem being investigated and the elements that need to be looked at;
  • As ideas emerge, present them clearly to ensure it is easy for your readers to understand what you are saying to them;
  • Do not be afraid!
  • Write down any solution that might possibly solve a given problem. Do not be concerned about how these sound; all this can be taken care of later.
  • Score each individual idea on a scale of one to ten and use this method to extract the best points or ideas.
  • You should aim to have at least five or six sentences at the end of this phase to continue working on.
The Crux of the Matter

The use of brainstorming is, undoubtedly, one of the most effective methods for making it easier to write essays. In addition, as shown above, the process is entirely simple and very easy to accomplish. So, be sure to begin each writing project with a brainstorming session to get maximum value from the assignment. 

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