How To Become a Lawyer Without Studying in College
9 August, 2018

How To Become a Lawyer Without Studying in College

Law and jurisprudence are very popular areas of science among entrants. Thousands of young Americans dream of becoming lawyers. It is little wonder because a good lawyer can receive a good income and succeed in this field. However, not every school graduate can become a future jurist. First, in order to study law in college, you need to have deep knowledge and some skills. Second, tuition fees at law faculties are quite high. That is why many applicants do not become lawyers and choose other professions. However, even in this situation, there is a way out.


Ways to Become a Lawyer

Practice in the Company

As you know, studying in a law school can be very expensive. However, there is an alternative way of getting an education. Many reputable advocacy companies train young professionals in the US. Instead of going to college, you can become a pupil in such organization. However, it is worth remembering that your knowledge and skills also play a huge role here. You must have good school grades to  go into practice. Such courses are paid; however, their cost is approximately two times cheaper than university education.

The value of this form of learning is a constant practice, you will be a witness of court cases in contrast to studying in the college, where more attention is paid to the theoretical part of the course.

Educational Materials

Nonetheless, the theory has an important place in the study of law. While practicing at the company, you will not be given lectures and seminars. In order to obtain a theoretical basis, it is necessary to study various aspects of jurisprudence independently. If you decide to become a lawyer, start exploring various scientific literature in high school. Thus, you will be ready to further learning and apply your knowledge in practice. A lot of important information can be found on the Internet. Today you can download any textbook for free or buy an electronic version of the book at a very low price. The library is a great alternative. Here you can work with scientific journals and electronic files, which you cannot find on the Internet. The calm atmosphere of the reading room will help you focus on your work and make the learning process as effective as possible.

If your school friends became students of law schools, you could ask them to borrow their study materials. To learn the law yourself, you need to understand how to manage your time and control your knowledge. 

Another good way to get knowledge absolutely free is attending open lectures. As you know, many universities throughout the world conduct free lectures and allow everyone to attend them. How does it work? Anyone can become a free attendee and visit any theoretical lesson. However, he or she cannot attend practical classes and exams. Visiting an open course of lectures, you cannot get a diploma; however, you will receive invaluable knowledge. Information about lectures and seminars can be found on the Internet, explore whether there is a university or college that allows free attendees to visit lectures in your city. If there is no such course nearby, you can go to another city from time to time, for example, once a week.

Online Courses

The possibilities of the Internet are limitless nowadays. Here you can find any study materials and become a student of a full course in law for free. Many sites provide the opportunity to become a learner and train online. Some courses have the option to communicate with other students and teachers, who will give you assignments and later check them. This is one of the best options to get a theoretical educational base and to control your knowledge yourself.

Combining Study and Work

Studying the law yourself, you will have much more free time than students of law schools usually have. Use it with benefit. Get a job, pay for practice in a law company, and purchase training materials. However, you need to find work in the field of law. For example, you can become an assistant to a notary or a lawyer. You do not need to have an education for this. Ask about vacancies in the company where you will practice. The choice of temporary work is of great importance. If you work as a courier or as a salesman, it may bring you more profit than the position of a secretary in a law firm. Nevertheless, at the same time, you will have less practice in the field of jurisprudence. If the financial aspect is very important to you, you can find several vacancies and work in the legal field just a few hours a week.

Saving Time and Money

Entering the college, you will study for several years; this is a mandatory condition for all students. Studying the law yourself, you have the opportunity to master more material much faster. When your peers are still students, you can already take the first steps in your career. Therefore, saving 1-2 years of training, you can save a large amount of money.

Very often, wanting to get a good education, young people go to another city. Of course, the new environment is very interesting, but at the same time, living, eating and adapting to a new place require a lot of money. Find a law firm in your city or nearby and do not pay for expensive housing.

Understand that the effectiveness of your studying in no way depends on the prestige of the university. Of course, in good colleges, some professionals can teach well, but in fact, if you do not have the desire to get new knowledge, even the most famous professor in the world cannot make you a specialist. If you really want to become a good lawyer and the law is your main interest in life, you can learn jurisprudence under any circumstances. All that is required of you is your desire and perseverance. If you have a dream, do not be afraid. It is necessary to make a plan of action and follow it. It should contain information about your studies and the time it takes to complete them. If you learn how to manage your time correctly, you will be able to combine study and work. Use the latest techniques of time management for the most effective training and do not forget about rest and healthy sleep. The learning process of the new material will become quick and easy with the right approach. Do not be afraid of obstacles, go on the way to your goal and you will become a real professional.

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