How to Be More Creative
19 April, 2017

How to Be More Creative

Do not believe anyone who says that he or she is not creative. There are no uncreative people, but there are people who have not developed their creativity yet. This article is for those who struggle with under-developed creativity and for those who want to take their creativity to a completely new level.

Use these 8 tips and let your creativity soar!

  • Do Not Tell Yourself That You Are Not Creative. Very often, the number one reason for not being creative is just a false belief. Like Lemmy from rock’n’roll band Motorhead said, “If you believe that you’re too old for rock’n’roll, then you are”. It is all in your mind. Whether it is your or someone else’s idea, you should remove it, because even when you have great ideas they might go away with such a belief. Start telling yourself, “I’m creative like Leonardo Da Vinci!” right now! And put all your belief in it. If you are sincere, you will notice that things will change very soon.  
  • Do Not Hesitate. Music, art, cookery, sculpture, design, paintings, writing…what do you like? The first step is the most difficult one, but even the longest road starts with the first step. So, do not hesitate, just start acting. When you get involved into the process, your inspiration will guide you.
  • Keep Going. It has been identified that mastering the skill to a pro level takes about 10,000 hours. The more you practice, the better your skills will be, so just keep going. But walk on only if you really like what you are doing, only if your heart belongs to the activity that you have chosen.
  • Do Not Edit While You Create. Because this may spoil the final product. Follow the flow and get all your ideas embodied, and only then see what is missing and what needs to be fixed.
  • Record Your Ideas. Sometimes ideas are coming in the most unpredictable moments and you should be ready to record them. Be it Evernote or some paper notebook, you should have something that will help you remember your ideas. If you are a musician, voice recorder may be of great use.
  • Steal Like an Artist. The truth is that a lot of ideas are already out there, but for some reason they are missing some very important thing. Take them, improve them and make a unique masterpiece out of them.
  • Be Curious. Sometimes great ideas are born out of thought experiments. Did you know that Einstein performed thought experiments that lasted for years? All in his head. You should question everything, dig deep and think big. You never know where the inspiration will come from.
  • Hang Out in Nature. There are two reasons why this advice is important. The first one is that it clears your head so that you are more sensible to new ideas. The second one is about the inspiration itself. Did you know that Da Vinci got a lot of his ideas just from observing nature?
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